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Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

2015 Speaker Schedule


The 2016 Speaker Schedule will be posted on February 20


BellSouth Auditorium

Meeting Rooms 1/2

Meeting Rooms 3/4




Moderator: Ron Falta

Moderator: Andy Alexander
Moderator: Stephen Moysey


Development of a Practical Approach for Modeling Matrix Diffusion Effects in Groundwater Transport Models
Falta, Ronald

Comparison of the Variance from Concentration Trend of 1,2-Dichloropropane in Groundwater from Bailed Well compared to Diffusion Sampling Technology
Alexander, Andrew

The Applications and Limitations of Common Geophysical Methods in Determining Bedrock Depth
Bergstrom, Jorgen


Inclusion of Faults in 3-D Numerical Simulation of Carbon Dioxide Injection into the South Georgia Rift Basin, South Carolina
Brantley, Duke

Field-Trial Results for an Experimental Dual-Membrane Diffusion Sampler for Metals and Ions in Groundwater
Varhol, Brad

Characterizing Bedrock and Residual Soil Conditions with MASW and ERI
Daniel, Joel

9:40 Geochemical Modeling for Remedial Alternatives Analysis of Acid Mine Drainage at the Henry Knob Former Mine Site
Bruce, Christopher

Why Map Contaminant Concentration Only? – The Importance of Flux Measurement using Real Time Measurement Systems
Carlson, Brad

Automated High-resolution GPR Data Collection for Monitoring Dynamic Hydrologic Processes in Two and Three dimensions
Mangel, Adam

10:05 Hydrologic Effects and Risks Associated with Increased Upward Flux of Saline Water
Murdoch, Lawrence

Comparison Study of Multiple Groundwater Sampling Techniques in Fractured Bedrock
Patinkin, Michael

2-Dimensional Geophysical Imaging of Infiltration in a Homogenous Medium
Lytle, Blake


Break/Please move to the Main Ballroom


Keynote: Numerical Models for Evaluating the Competitive Use of the Subsurface: The Influence of Energy Storage and Production in Groundwater, Rainer Helmig



Moderator: Patrick Hicks

Moderator: Bruce Campbell

NA Degradadation /
Grad Research

Moderator: Jim Castle


Chemical Fixation of Priority Heavy Metals in Soil, Sediment and Groundwater using MetaFix™ Reagents
Hicks, Patrick

Development of a Groundwater-Flow Model of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Aiken County, South Carolina
Campbell, Bruce

Photocatalysis of Commercial Naphthenic Acids using Fixed-film TiO2
McQueen, Andrew


Reductive Dechlorination in Sites with High Sulfate and Low (apparent) DHC (dehalococcoides) Bacteria and Other Paradoxes
Rossabi, Joseph

Assesement of Groundwater Quality of Atlantic Coastal Plain Aquifers, Aiken County, South Carolina
Landmeyer, James

Water Characteristics Affecting Photo-catalytic Oxidation of Commercial Naphthenic Acids
Kiekhaefer, Rebecca


Case Study: Gravity Fed ISCO Injection for DNAPL Treatment in a Perched Water Zone
Byrd, Jennifer

Developing the U.S. Geological Survey StreamStats Web Application for South Carolina
Feaster, Toby

White-rot Fungal Degradation of Naphthenic Acids
Muller, Samuel


Cost-Effective Site Characterization and Site Remediation Strategies:
A Community-Supported Model of What Works with Even a Limited Budget
Redmond, Jymalyn

Forensic Investigation of a Flooded Limestone Aggregate Quarry to Assess Karst Features Hydraulically Connecting the Pit and a Nearby Stream
Thompson, Nils

Remapping of the Northern Portion of the Six Mile Quadrangle
Sellers, Victoria



Comparison of Air Sparge/ Soil Vapor Extraction Pilot Tests from Four Chlorinated Ethene Impacted Sites in Distinct Geologic Settings of the Piedmont
Hollifield, Edward

How to Get the Most Out of Aggressive Fluid Vapor Recovery (AFVR)
Shinall, Brian

Estimation of PCB Contamination in the Twelve Mile Creek Arm of Lake Hartwell, SC, Using GIS and Statistical Techniques
Bharadwaj, Arjun



Moderator: Bill Slack
Undergrad Research
Moderator: Alan Coulson
Undergrad Research
Moderator: Scott Brame

In Situ Remediation Of Chlorinated Solvents Using Jet Fracturing Technology – Full Scale Demonstration
Slack, William

The Influence of Slope on the Weathering Rates of Biotite Gneiss Bedrock
Berisford, Jordan

Sediment Core Characterization in the Twelvemile Creek Arm of Lake Hartwell, SC
Herrmann, Anthony


Tensor Strainmeter and Vector Tiltmeter Design for Measuring Ground Deformations Associated with Fluid Injection and/or Withdrawal
DeWolf, Scott

XRD Analysis of Soil between Outcrops of Amphibolite and Mica Schist
McFarland, William

Characterization and Imaging of Pipe Flow Within a Natural Embankment
Bagbey, Daniel


Using Geomechanical Measurements for Subsurface Characterization
Hanna, Alexander

Refinement of the Seneca Fault in the Southwest Corner of the Six Mile Quadrangle
Caldwell, Storm

Changes in Soil CO2 Flux from an Urban Environment due to Anthropogenic Compaction
Walters, Dana

4:40 Improvements to the Curve Number Method Using Variable Initial Abstraction and Antecedent Moisture
Santikari, Vijay

Re-examining the Geologic Interpretations Used to Delineate the Seneca Fault
Villanueva, Rafael

Comparative Study of Soil CO2 Flux using Eddy Covariance and Chamber Methods
George, Shanay


Mixer at Clemson Outdoor Lab


8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
When this Geologist Speaks, People Listen.
Dr. Tom Temples

1:10 PM - 5:00 PM
Environmental Data Science Skills using Python and ArcGIS
Dr. Stephen Moysey


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