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Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

2017 Speaker Schedule


The 2017 Speaker Schedule will be released on February 27.
The presentations below were given on March 31, 2016.


BellSouth Auditorium

Meeting Rooms 1/2

Meeting Rooms 3/4




Moderator: Kevin Finneran

Advances in Delivery
Moderator: Drew Baird
Moderator: Mark Kluger


Innovative Surfactant System Formulations for LNAPL Recovery
Alden, David

Successful Implementation of Large Scale Soil Blending
Haselow, John

Thermally Enhanced Processes
Kluger, Mark


Remediation of Reoccurring Free Phase Product using Surfactant Injection
Olin, Brian

Optimizing Slurry Injection Techniques in a Saprolite and Fractured Bedrock Setting - Geologic and Logistic Considerations
Maalouf, George

Modeing of In Situ Biodegradation of 1,4-Dioxane by Metabolic and Cometabolic Bacteria
Barajas, Francisco

9:20 Combining Adsorption and Bioremediation Technologies for in situ Groundwater Remediation
Birk, Gary

Tale of Two Sites: Injection of Calcium Polysulfide and Potassium Permanganate using Jet-Assisted Hydraulic Fracturing
Perlmutter, Mike

Cometabolic remediation of a recalcitrant organic compound
Muller, Samuel

9:45 Management of pH in Acidic Aquifers during In Situ Bioremediation in the Southeast USA
Elkins, Brad

Evolution of a Remedial Injection Program in Metamorphic Bedrock
Kirschner, Stephen

Thin Film Photocatalysis: a Method for Degrading Recalcitrant Organic Constituents in Complex Wastewaters
Gaspari, D.

10:10 Use of pH Tolerant Bioaugmentation Cultures for Bioremediation at Low pH
Roberts, Jeff

Comparison of Methods for Tracking growth of An Induced Hydraulic Fracture
Slack, W.

Quantifying the Disturbance during Construction-Related Landuse Change
Santikari, Vijay


Break/Please move to the Main Ballroom


Keynote: Seeing Things Differently: Rethinking the Relationship between Data and Models, Ty Ferre



Moderator: Joe Rossabi

Advances in Characterization
Moderator: Andy Alexander

Moderator: Tom Temples


A Practical Approach for Modeling Matrix Diffusion in Fractured and Heterogeneous Systems
Falta, Ronald

High Resolution Vertical Profiling: Real Time Data Collection for Comprehensive Environmental Site Assessments
David J. Heicher

Assessing and managing the competency of the environmental professional
Temples, Tom


Low Temperature heating and steam/air injection for remediation
Rossabi, Joseph

Application of Laser-Induced Fluorescence for LNAPL Delineation and Remediation Design: South Carolina Piedmont Case Studies
Donn, Thomas

Landfill Delineation Using Geophysical Methods
Cox, Justin


Reducing Treatment Costs by Optimizing a Combined Remedy using Traditional Techniques and High-Resolution Site Characterization
Law, Whitney

Evaluation of Barium Detected in Groundwater using Dual-Membrane Diffusion Sampling Technology: Comparisons to other Contemporaneous Sampling Methods and to Historical Data
Alexander, Andrew

Shallow Well Strainmeter and Tiltmeter System for Use With Forward and Inverse Methods to Characterize Deformation During CO2 Injection Into Underlying Reservoirs
Smith, J.


A Frozen Soil Barrier to Control Groundwater at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
Looney, Brian

Pumping Test Implementation on Coal Combustion Residual Impoundments
Hanley, David

Feasibility of Using Fluctuations of Pore Pressure to Monitor Changes in Reservoir Gas Content.
Heim, Viviana



The 30 Year Performance of a Groundwater Cleanup Program
Jackson, Dennis

The Transition Zone between Regolith and Bedrock in the Piedmont Groundwater System: Further Confirmation
Schaeffer, Malcolm

Measurement of Hydraulic Fracture Indicators
Denison, Jessica



Moderator: Brantley Rudd
Grad/Undergrad Research
Moderator: Alan Coulson
Undergrad Research
Moderator: Scott Brame

From Injection to In-SITU Soil Blending; Switching Application Technology Mid Remediation
Rudd, Brantley

Examination of Technetium Transport Through Soils Under Contrasting Redox Conditions: Batch and Column Work
Dozier, Rebecca

Episodic Growth of Garnets from a Two-Mica Schist near Clemson, SC
McCaffrey, Dalton


Management of a Complex DNAPL Site under an Active Building
Small, Andrew

Evaluation of an Aqueous Phase Derivatization Reaction of Acetohydroxamic Acid
Earle, Merritt

Preliminary Mass Balance of Carbon Flux in Lake Issaqueena, Pickens County, SC
King, Thomas


Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination of TCE in Groundwater at a Former Asphalt Testing Laboratory using Beverage Remediation Product
Albano, J.

Evaluation of Elemental Distribution in Trinitite Using Electron Microscopy
Earnhart, Justin

Calculation of Mineral Weathering Rates of Four Rock Types in the Sunset Quad (SC) Using a Mass Balance Equation
Slocum, Chris

4:40 In-Situ Removal of a 100 Year Old Pine Tar Plume
Athens, Nick

Virtual Reality Experience for Introductory Earth Science Classes
Wyant, Pam

Interpretation of a Large Amphibolite Body in the Clemson Forest, Six Mile Quad, SC
Lo, Spencer


Mixer at Clemson Outdoor Lab

Workshops:  TBA



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