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HR Announcements

Policy and Procedure Changes During September/October 2017

This document outlines changes made to the Office of Human Resources’ Policy and Procedure Manual.

Employee Assistance Program: October 2017 Newsletter

Clemson University provides an employee assistance program to University employees and their dependents/household members though Deer Oaks EAP, an outside resource for addressing work/life issues and living a happier, healthier, more balanced life. A variety of health and wellness, counseling, referral, and consultation services are available. Services are completely confidential, and there is no cost to faculty and staff for most services. Click HERE to access the October 2017 newsletter.

Deer Oaks EAP services and contact information can be accessed HERE.

Clemson’s Employee Referral Program marks its first 1,000 referrals

Since January 2017, more than 1000 employee referrals have been made using the Office of Human Resources’ Employee Referral Program. Using the University-approved, the Office of Human Resources continues to leverage Clemson’s employees in its efforts to expand, improve and diversify the University’s pool of applicants.

Program Details
  • Employees must enroll in the Employee Referral Program to be considered for the 500 dollar award. Click here, and then click ‘log in’ or ‘register’ in the top right-hand corner of the Clemson Employee Referral Program site.
  • In the event that an eligible Clemson employee (who has registered using the directions) refers a new hire into an FTE position, that Clemson employee will receive a one-time, lump-sum award of 500 dollars.
  • Employees can leverage’s social media tools to share job referrals throughout their networks.

Contact ASK-HR/864-656-2000 with questions or concerns.

Cybersecurity Begins with Two-Factor Authentication

On Saturday, March 25, CCIT implemented two-factor authentication (DUO) on the PeopleSoft HR system.

  • To learn more about two-factor authentication and how to stay safe online at Clemson University, please watch Clemson Cybersecurity Video Series: Click HERE
  • To learn more about registering for two-factor authentication, please watch the two-factor authentication tutorial or contact the CCIT Help Desk at 864-656-3494.

Important Notice: IRS issues phishing scam alert

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued an urgent alert on February 2, 2017, that a Form W-2 email phishing scam is now targeting schools. A team of university experts have begun implementing a series of strategic responses to cyber-attacks that have targeted schools throughout the United States. During the coming weeks, students, faculty and staff members can expect to receive a series of communications from the Office of Human Resources, CCIT and the Payroll Office.

Identified by IRS Commissioner John Koskinen as “one of the most dangerous email phishing scams we’ve seen in a long time,” Koskinen stated further that the cyber-attack “can result in the large-scale theft of sensitive data that criminals can use to commit various crimes, including filing fraudulent tax returns.” Click here to read the IRS alert.

Clemson University strongly recommends that students, faculty and staff members take caution when opening emails from unknown sources and clicking on links within emails. Cybercriminals use various spoofing techniques to disguise an email to make it appear as if it is from an organization executive.

Additional Cautions:

  • It is tax season, so avoid using search engines to find technical help with taxes or tax software because selecting the wrong link could lead to a loss of data or an infected computer.
  • Avoid engaging in phone conversations with callers from technical support providers. This is a scam.


International Hiring Reminder

As departments embark on hiring for the coming school year, please be reminded of Clemson's procedure for hiring international employees.

Best Practices:

  • Review Clemson University's International Employment Web site, which contains information regarding hiring international employees.
  • Keep HR partners advised about prospective international hires.
  • HR partners submit an electronic PeopleSoft 'International Hire' request.
  • Review time-sensitive deadlines for the international hiring process.
  • Prospective employees with F1 and J1 visas should visit HERE and follow directions to have their SEVIS records activated.
  • Adhere to the rule that the hiring dates on the I-9 Form, employment record, and payroll remain consistent. (An individual cannot start working prior to the completion of the I-9 form, which has been completed with Pablo Unda or Jennifer Potts in the Office of Human Resources.)

If you have further inquiries, please direct them to AskHR or call 864-656-2000.