Human Resources

W-2 Information

2015 W-2’s issued

The 2015 W-2’s are available on-line for active employees. W-2’s for inactive employees and those who did not consent to an on-line form will be mailed by 2/1/16 to the address on file in the HR database (which may not match the iROAR address for inactive students). Once received, please safeguard your hard-copy, as there is a $10 charge for reprints.

Active employees can now access the online form. Please ensure pop-up blockers are turned off.
  • Click here to log-in to HR Self Service, inputting your Clemson ID and password on the ORACLE screen. If you need assistance with your username and password, please contact
  • Click on “Year End Form” to view your W-2
  • Click on “Filing Instructions” to view/print IRS Notice to Employee and Instructions for Employee.
Important to know:
  • When you click on the Year End Form, please be aware there is a delay before the W-2 loads. For security reasons, the .pdf form is created at the time you actually view the W-2.
  • Ability to view your W-2 on-line is only applicable if you are an active employee. If you terminate from Clemson University, you will no longer have access to the on-line system.
  • If you have trouble viewing your W-2 on-line, please ensure your browser allows pop-ups or contact for further assistance.

If you have any questions about payroll or W-2 processing, please go to Ask-HR (Employees / Visitors).


Q. When trying to access my W-2 I receive the "File not found or file received has length zero" error. Why can't I view my W-2?
A. This error is due to a security setting in Internet Explorer. Please follow these instructions for correcting this error.

Q. None of the earnings on my W-2 match my annual rate. Why is that?
A. The W-2 form reports “taxable gross”, not actual earnings. Taxable Gross is Actual Gross less pre-tax deductions. For a detailed explanation of how to tie your last paystub in 2015 to your 2015 W-2, please see TIPS for Understanding Your W-2.

Q. I waived the right to participate in Retirement. Why is the Retirement Plan box marked on my W-2?
A. Participation is determined based on eligibility, whether one elected or waived the right to participate. For more information see Employees Covered by A Retirement Plan. If you feel this box was marked in error, please go to Ask-HR (Employees / Visitors).

Q. Where can I get my statement about tuition?
A. Students who pay tuition receive a 1098-T. This can be accessed on-line via iROAR. For assistance with 1098-T issues, contact Student Financial Services at 656-5592.

Q. I was paid as a vendor. Where is my 1099?
A. Please contact Elizabeth Brewer at 656-5594.

Q. As a student employee with more than one job, will I get separate W-2’s?
A. No, W-2’s are issued as one document from one employer, so all jobs for that employer are on one form.

Q. I had an international tax treaty, where is my tax statement?
A. For treaty exempt amounts paid to you during the calendar year, you will receive a 1042S. If you exceeded your treaty limit, you will receive both a 1042S and a W-2. For 1042S questions, contact Pablo Unda at or 864-656-5591, Ask-HR (Employees / Visitors), or call 864-656-2000.

Q. Why do I have an amount in box 12 code DD on my W-2?
A. The Affordable Care Act Tax Provision requires employers to report the cost of employer-sponsored health coverage in box 12 as code DD. The amount reported with code DD is not taxable. For more information from the IRS, go to Reporting of Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage.