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W-2 Information

2013 W-2’s issued

The 2013 W-2’s are available online for active employees. W-2’s for inactive employees and those who did not consent to an on-line form will be mailed by 1/31/14 to the address on file in the HR database (which may not match the iROAR address for students). Once received, please safeguard your hard-copy, as there is a $10 charge for reprints.

Active employees can now access the online form.  Click here to log-in to HR Self Service, inputting your primary username and password on the ORACLE screen, if you need assistance with your username and password, please contact Click on “Year End Form” to view your W-2 and “Filing Instructions” to view/print IRS Notice to Employee and Instructions for Employee.  Please ensure pop-up blockers are turned off. 

Request a Reprint

We will begin reprinting W-2’s on Monday 2/10/14 for any requests received through Sunday 2/9/14.  Reprints will be processed weekly on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons up to 4/10/14 and daily after that through 4/15/14, which is the 2014 deadline for submitting 2013 tax returns without an extension.   To request a reprint, click here.


Q. When trying to access my W-2 I receive the "File not found or file received has length zero" error.  Why can't I view my W-2?
A. This error is due to a security setting in Internet Explorer.  Please follow these instructions for correcting this error.

Q. None of the earnings on my W-2 match my annual rate.  Why is that?
A. The W-2 form reports “taxable gross”, not actual earnings.  Taxable Gross is Actual Gross less pre-tax deductions.  For a detailed explanation of how to tie your last paystub in 2013 to your 2013 W-2, please see TIPS for Understanding Your W-2. 

Q. I waived the right to participate in Retirement.  Why is the Retirement Plan box marked on my W-2?
A. Participation is determined based on eligibility, whether one elected or waived the right to participate.  For more information see Employees Covered by A Retirement Plan.  If you feel this box was marked in error, please e-mail    

Q. Where can I get my statement about tuition?
A. Students who pay tuition receive a 1098-T.  This can be accessed on-line via the iROAR system.  For assistance with 1098-T issues, contact Student Accounts at 656-5592.

Q. I was paid as a vendor.  Where is my 1099?
A. Please contact Elizabeth Brewer at 656-5594 or email at

Q. As a student employee with more than one job, will I get separate W-2’s?
A. No, W-2’s are issued as one document from one employer, so all jobs for that employer are on one form.

Q. I had an international tax treaty, where is my tax statement?
A. If you did not meet your treaty limit, you will receive only a 1042S.  If you exceeded your treaty limit, you will receive both at 1042S and a W-2.  For 1042S questions, please contact Mack Howard at

Q. Why do I have an amount in box 12 code DD on my W-2?
A. The Affordable Care Act Tax Provision requires employers to report the cost of employer-sponsored health coverage in box 12 as code DD.  The amount reported with code DD is not taxable.  For more information from the IRS, go to Reporting of Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage.