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First Week Activities

During your first week, you will complete any remaining required paperwork and training, sign up for your New Employee Orientation, meet your colleagues and more. Your first-week activities include these important steps.

1. Complete your W-4 Tax Withholding Certificate
i. Online W-4: On your hire date, the system defaults your W-4 Tax Withholding Certificate to a marital status of “Single” with “0” exemptions. To change the default:

  1. Login to PeopleSoft (CUBS HR) using your username and password
  2. Starting at Main Menu, click on Self Service
  3. Click on Payroll and Compensation
  4. Click on W-4 Tax Information
  5. Make necessary changes and click on Submit.

NOTE: You can only make one W-4 change a day; if you need to make corrections; you will need to do so the next day.

ii. Paper W-4: If your tax situation requires a paper W-4 form, click on the IRS W-4 link to complete the fillable PDF form, print and sign. Please submit the form to Payroll in the Administrative Services Building. The state of South Carolina does not have a separate W-4 form. If you need to make a change applicable only to withholding for the state of South Carolina, submit the IRS W-4 form indicating “South Carolina Only” in the margin.

2. Attain your TigerOne Card, Clemson’s official ID card.

i. You must be officially hired before Clemson will issue you a TigerOne card.
ii. Pick up your TigerOne Card (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday) at the Office of Human Resources or at the TigerOne Card Services office. Bring a valid government-issued photo identification (i.e: driver’s license, passport, military ID). You will need your username and password.
iii. Remember to carry your TigerOne card with you at all times. Many departments use the TigerOne card to grant access to their building, information and services. You can use it to check out library books, receive discounts on computer software, etc.
iv. Your TigerOne card has the following features:

  • Official Clemson University ID card
  • Personal declining balance card to access pre-deposited funds in a TigerStripe account
  • Library access
  • Fike Recreation Center access (for members)
  • Olympic athletic events access
  • Athletic ticket privileges for football and basketball

3. Sign up to attend the New Faculty and Staff Orientation.

You will discover Clemson University's rich history and culture, learn about benefits offerings, get all your questions answered, enjoy a memorable networking luncheon at one of the University’s dining halls, a campus tour and more.

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