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The College Today

The College of Health, Education, and Human Development consists of many different units. Each of those units fall under five main categories:

  • Degree-Granting Units
  • Non-Degree Granting Units
  • Research
  • Centers, Institutes, and Programs
  • Support Services

Degree-Granting Units
A degree-granting unit is commonly referred to as a school or a department and, as the name suggests, are the units from which students earn a degree. Learn more about our degree-granting units on our Academics page.

Non-Degree Granting Units
Within the College of HEHD, non-degree-granting units align exactly with the vision and mission of the college. Each unit contributes in function to bettering the lives in which we all live. Although this practical commitment to our society commonly takes a place in local communities and state populations, research within these units often has a global affect. As such, each non-degree-granting unit holds an intimate collaborative partnership, in theory and in practice, to all of the degree-granting units and College research capabilities. Learn more about HEHD non-degree-granting units on our Academics page.

The College of HEHD embraces the tri-fold mission of Clemson University that links teaching, research, and public service while building internal and external partnerships. We are keenly aware and committed to providing faculty and staff support that fosters the growth of research and creativity. Learn more about Research.

Centers, Institutes and Community Programs
The centers, institutes and community programs of the College of Health, Education, and Human Development embody the reason for our being while at the same time putting into practice that which helps to better our community. Learn more about Centers and Institutes.

Support Services
As with any major organization, support services are the quintessential cogs in the mechanism; they are the people behind the scenes who make everything run smoothly. Whether it’s academic advice, quelling an uncooperative computer, or resource management, those associated with the College of Health, Education, and Human Development support services work for all students, faculty, and staff throughout the College. Learn more about Support Services.