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Instructional Technologies

Technologies Required

Technology Required

Students must have access to email, the Internet, and have the ability to read a CD-ROM or DVD. In addition, students should have current versions of their computer's operating system, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. Being an online program, students will be required to send and receive large files of information. Therefore, students need an up-to-date computer, microphone and speakers or headset with mic, and a DSL or other high-speed Internet connection. To be successful, students need to allocate sufficient time to participate in online classes and discussion groups and to complete all assignments as described in the syllabus for each course. All testing is conducted online. Because this is a graduate level program in HRD, students must be prepared to allocate six to eight hours a week for each course taken in order to be successful.


Blackboard is Clemson's primary course development and documentation tool, used by colleges, universities and other learning organizations worldwide. Each MHRD course is designed to provide students with information and resources to be successful. Within each course developed in Blackboard, students will find a course syllabus, study questions, discussion questions, Internet links, tests, and information about projects and papers.

Adobe Connect

Adobe® Connect™ is a powerful and flexible online meeting and conferencing tool used by the MHRD program. Using Adobe® Connect™ students and faculty can share documents, PowerPoint presentations, audio recordings and other media.

Skillport and Other Online Tutorials

As an MHRD student, you will have access to Skillport and other online tutorials at no additional cost. These additional learning resources include computer skills; business strategy and operations; finance, human resources and administration; management and leadership; professional effectiveness; and much more.

Technical and Distance Education Support Services

Online but not alone is one of our core values. Regardless of where you live or work, you have access to technical support services and expertise. Both online and telephone support is available.