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Graduate Program Cohorts

The Eugene T. Moore School of Education offers several courses and programs to teachers in the surrounding area as a service. The courses and programs are offered in collaboration with local school districts. Many courses are offered at school sites within the collaborating district, which offers great convenience for those enrolled. In addition, course tuition can be significantly less, depending on enrollment.

Degree programs require a completed degree seeking application packet. Certification and add-on courses require a non-degree seeking application. If a teacher has taken a class in the last six years as a non-degree seeking student, applying to take courses for an add-on endorsement or certificate can be accomplished by submitting a Re-Entrance Form.

Upcoming Cohorts are listed below:

Starting May, 2015

1. Administration and Supervision, M.Ed./Ed.S.

This Master’s Degree program leads to building level certification at the Elementary (K-8) or Secondary (6-12) levels. It is a 36-credit-hour program beyond the Undergraduate Degree. The Educational Specialist program leads to building (Elementary or Secondary) or district level (superintendent) certification. It is a 30-credit-hour program beyond the Master’s Degree.



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For more information about graduate programs and cohorts, contact:

Dr. David Fleming


Ms. Donna Duncan