School of Education

Study Abroad

Learning in London

May 17-June 13, 2015
London, United Kingdom

Education Foundations focused Study Abroad in London, United Kingdom

During this four week faculty led program Clemson students will have the opportunity to observe students and teachers in primary, high schools, and sixth form colleges across London and apply their understanding of educational psychology and digital media learning theory to both these classroom practices as well as in informal learning environments such as museums, galleries, and theaters across the UK. Students will take two of the following three courses for a total of 6 credit hours towards their Clemson degree from the following courses: EDF4800 Digital Media and Learning (3), EDF3020 Educational Psychology (3), EDF3970 Creative Inquiry in Education (3). Included are Clemson faculty led instruction, homestays, workshops, schools and museum site visits, travel within London, as well as a group tour of the Harry Potter studios.

Students will also have weekend opportunities to explore the rest of the United Kingdom and other nearby European cities, as well as the option to continue their travel in the UK and Europe before or after the study abroad experience.

For further information visit the study abroad website or contact Dr. Pennie Vargas and Dr. Matthew Boyer.

Early Childhood Education Approach Students

Early Childhood Education Approach

May 10-30, 2015
Reggio Emilia, Italy

Collaborative Study Abroad in Italy-Clemson, USC and C of C

Three week cultural immersion experience in Reggio Emilia, Italy with an in-depth study of the Reggio Emilia Educational Approach--project work, integration of the arts, and diverse documentation strategies in Italian classrooms. Also included are workshops with community agencies of Reggio Emilia; homestay with an Italian family; beginning Italian language lessons; study of the history and elements of the Reggio Emilia Approach; workshops on music and movement across the curriculum and use of recycled materials in the classroom.  Group tours of Florence, Venice, and other Italian cities; cultural experiences in the community that include museums, art events, family festivals, shopping, theater; and other student-selected activities are optional.

Self-selected travel opportunities for students as well as travel before or after the study abroad experience. Graduate and undergraduate course options are available.

Open to students especially in education, PRTM, public health, nursing and the social sciences. Ratio of faculty to students is strong with an effort to provide a personalized and supportive experience.

For further information see Dr. Dee Stegelin or Dr. Andy Tyminski.

Maymester in Italy StudentsCarpi Italy

May 8 - June 4, 2015

Maymester in Italy is a Heiskell Award Winning Program that provides a deep and memorable cross-cultural experience for all Education majors. Through this program, participants are exposed to Italian culture and to the innovative and highly regarded approaches to education in Italy. Education students who are selected to participate will live with an Italian host family for the duration of the program and will be placed in a school to work with Italian teachers and students. School placements range from preschool through secondary school.
Students work in the schools during the mornings then meet frequently in the afternoons for whole group activities.
Some free time is allowed for travel with families as is limited independent travel to nearby cities such as Bologna, Montova and Modena. The program also includes group weekend excursions to Venice and Florence. For more information on this program, please either view our Italian Study Abroad website or contact Mindy Spearman or David Reinking.