School of Education

Program Costs

The ClemsonLIFE Program is dedicated to providing a structured, high-quality, well-supervised program focused on vocational and independent living success for young adults with disabilities. The cost per-semester is listed below for the 2013-2014 school year.

ClemsonLIFE Fees

The below fees are invoiced directly from the ClemsonLIFE program:

Program Fees

Covers costs associated with the ClemsonLIFE program (i.e. Operation Costs and Staff/Instructor Salaries) - $12,000

Student Budget Fees

Covers apartment groceries, laundry, attendance at sporting or theater events, field trips, etc. - $1,550

University Fees

The below fees are paid directly to Clemson University and are included on the University bill:


Covers rent, utilities, cable and Internet. All students currently live in Lightsey Bridge II apartments on campus. - $3,075

Academic Fee

Covers tuition fees. All students are required to enroll in a one credit hour Clemson University leisure skills class.

  • $534/credit hour for SC Residents
  • $1,268/credit hour for Non-Residents

Meal Plan

Students may select one meal plan of their choice. (The program typically recommends the Commuter 75)
*Only one option will apply.

  • $915 Commuter 75
  • $1,550 Weekly 15
  • $1,450 Access 5
  • $1,550 All Access Day Plus
  • $1,740 All Access 7 Day Plus


Covers additional fees including a required gym membership and other University fees such as the activity fee, matriculation fee, and technology fee. - $70

*All fees reflect the cost for fall 2013 and are subject to change

Financial Aid

Limited financial aid resources are available for postsecondary programs for students with intellectual disabilities. The following are resources to explore:

Federal Student Aid: Students may be eligible for Federal Pell Grants receiving up to $5,550 per year
South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department: Students may be eligible for sponsorships

Some independent organizations and groups have offered scholarship money to select students.

Ruby's Rainbow: Our goal at Ruby's Rainbow is to grant scholarships to adults with Down Syndrome seeking postsecondary education, enrichment or vocational classes who feel that higher education is the right choice for them.