School of Education

Daily Schedule

David and Charlie at Fike

 Classroom Activities

 Monday & Wednesday

 9:00am              LIFE: Applied Math/Applied Literature
 12:00pm            Lunch
 1:00pm              Social Skills/Internship
 3:00pm              Fitness Workout at Fike
 4:00pm              Tutoring
 5:00pm              Dinner

 Tuesday & Thursday

 9:00am              LIFE: Self-Advocacy
 11:00am            Leisure Skill Class
 12:15pm            Lunch
 1:30pm              Life Skills/Employment
 4:00pm              Walking Club
 5:00pm              Dinner


 9:00am              Computers & Technology/Critical Thinking
 12:00am            Lunch
 1:00pm              Explore Clemson/Internship
 3:30pm              Fitness Workout at Fike
 4:15pm              Activities Planned by Independent Living Assistants


Social/Leisure/Recreation Activities

All students attend a Clemson University leisure skills class one to two days per week. Students receive instruction in cooking/food nutrition in their apartments for dinner two nights per week. They attend a specialized fitness class at Fike Recreation center once a week. Mentors also meet with students on a weekly basis to support and encourage LIFE students.

  • Students attend tailgates and football games on Saturdays
  • Students also attend soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball and other sporting events
  • Students are buddies to young children with disabilities at TOP Soccer and Challenger Baseball
  • Students attend campus activities such as movies, bowling, concerts, shows, First Friday parade, homecoming events, etc.
  • Students join and attend university clubs and student organizations functions