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Teacher Education, School of Education, Clemson Univesity. Student working with child.

Clinical Experiences are an integral part to teacher preparation. We are committed to providing candidates with purposeful, challenging, and diverse clinical experiences. It is through a range of diverse, carefully constructed, and challenging field-based experiences, in conjunction with classroom-based instruction, that candidates will recognize the inherent dignity and value of all individuals, value social justice and equality of opportunity, and advocate on behalf of children and families.

Candidates will have clinical experiences throughout their four years, gradually increasing in scope and responsibility, with placements in classrooms, schools, and districts that have longstanding commitments to high quality educational experiences for all children. Beginning with Early Tutoring Experiences during their freshmen year, and continuing with a variety of Early Field Observations throughout the sophomore and junior years, students are prepared for the culminating practicum and student teaching.

By the end of student teaching, candidates recommended for certification will have a strong base of disciplinary/content knowledge, classroom management skills, pedagogical skills, and a deep understanding of foundational issues relates to academic success and educational equity.

MAT students, given the condensed nature of their programs, are clinical based for the majority of their programs in practicum and student teaching.