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Early Childhood Education (PK-3 Certification)

Student Teachers, Cooperating Teachers and University Supervisors can access student teacher assignments by clicking on the assignment name (e.g. Unit Plan) in the ASSIGNMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS column in the table below.  Forms used to evaluate these assignments can be accessed and downloaded by clicking on the form name (e.g. Unit Plan) in the FORMS column in the table below.

University Supervisor Checklist

Cooperating Teacher Checklist

Sixteen-Week Plan Sixteen-Week Plan Form
Long Range Plan Long Range Plan Evaluation
Unit Plan Unit Plan Evaluation
Unit Evaluation (NAEYC Assessment 5)
Lesson Plans and Observations Lesson Observation Evaluation
Midterm Summary Evaluation Midterm Summary Evaluation
Midterm Self-Assessment Midterm Self-Assessment
Video Lesson Video Self-Evaluation
Video Peer Evaluation
Final Summary Evaluation Final Summary Evaluation
Electronic Portfolio and Presentation


Pre-Post Philosophy Paper
Electronic Portfolio and Presentation Evaluation
Portfolio Evaluation (NAEYC Assessment 4)
Pre-Post Philosophy Paper Evaluation (NAEYC Assessment 6)

Early Childhood Education Resources:

Clinical Faculty: Dr. Seal Wilson, email: