School of Education

LiveText and Assessment System Overview

Questions regarding LiveText can be directed to Michalann Evatt, Assessment and Accreditation Director, Eugene T. Moore School of Education, Office of Assessment and Accreditation,

Starting Fall 2008 the School of Education adopted LiveText, a web‐based candidate (student) performance assessment data collection and reporting system ( As of 2011, LiveText captures over 200 unique candidate assessments. LiveText contains assignments and scoring rubrics for each assessment.  Assessments are aligned to:

  • CAEP, SPA (10 program specialized professional associations) and CACREP accreditation standards
  • SoE’s Conceptual Framework (CF) Learner Outcomes
  • NBTPS and ISTE national standards
  • SC ADEPT, PADEPP, and EEDA standards
  • SC CHE (Commission on Higher Education) model standards

The LiveText Exhibit Center houses reports generated on these assessments scores and other data such as Employer, Alumni, Candidate, and School Partners Surveys, to mention a few. These reports are reviewed at the unit level as well as at the program level annually and an annual program response report is written to close the loop — the collection, analysis and reflection of candidate performance data for continuous improvement.  
Starting the Fall 2009 term candidates began the required one-time purchase of LiveText in key assessment-related undergraduate courses (ED 105, EDF 301, 302, 315, 334, 335). At this same time newly enrolled graduate students started purchase of LiveText. Candidates can upload score-generating assignments and also view assessment scores received.  Candidates with concerns about these scores may address concerns with the instructor, and if necessary may file a complaint with the School of Education Director.    
Instructors of courses generating assessment system scores are asked to enter scores in LiveText and require candidates to upload assignments related to score generation. In the event the score is given from test or exam candidates may not be able to upload anything. At the graduate level many assessments are not tied directly to courses. An advisor, committee chair or others are responsible for entering scores in LiveText. Candidates have access to scores generated from noncourse assessments (comps or dissertation defenses for example) if they have registered a LiveText account.