School of Nursing

Changing Your Major

Nursing Change of Major Application Overview

1.  Applications are taken once a year in January only.  Applications are available on line from the School of Nursing and HEHD Academic Advising Center websites during this time.  Hard copy applications are no longer utilized.  Please click HERE for application.

2.  Minimally, students must have a 2.75 Clemson GPR and two (2) of the five (5) sciences that are required in the Nursing curriculum completed with a grade of a “C” or better to be eligible to apply.  However, admission is competitive.  Students chosen typically have four (4) of the five (5) or all five (5) of the sciences completed and a GPR over 3.0 (GPR may be more competitive than a 3.0 depending on the other applicants).  

3.  Students are eligible to apply as a change of major into Nursing only twice at Clemson University. 

4.  Students changing their major into Nursing are not guaranteed admission as there is always more change of major applicants than there are clinical spaces for change of majors.  

5.  Students who successfully change their major into Nursing should expect to take an extra semester to complete the program.  There is little chance that students will change their major into Nursing and graduate on time in the program.   Change of major students can “mirror” or “shadow” the first two years of the Nursing curriculum with the exception of NURS 140, NURS 320, NURS 333, and NUTR 205.  (NOTE:  NUTR 203 is not an acceptable course for Nursing majors and will not be used for credit toward the Nursing degree.)  Change of major students should plan on taking these four courses in the fall semester after successfully completing the change of major application process in the previous spring semester.  Clinical nursing courses will be started that next spring semester.  

6.  It is highly recommended that all students pursuing change of major into the Nursing program also pursue a back-up plan in the form of another major along with the Nursing curriculum.  Note that minors do not necessarily lead to completion of degree requirements.  Students should work with academic advisors in the “plan b”  major to determine specific requirements for that degree program.  

Please refer to the Nursing Curriculum Plan for Change of Major Nursing Students.

Change of Major students may also use the Nursing Curriculum Worksheet to determine the courses completed in the Nursing curriculum

Nursing Change of Major Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the sciences required in the Nursing curriculum?

A:  Currently, the Nursing major requires CH 101, BIOL 103/105 OR BIOL 110, MICRO 205 OR 305, BIOSC 222 and BIOSC 223.  Please refer to the current Undergraduate Catalog for information concerning the Nursing curriculum.  

Q:  What criteria are considered as part of the selection process?

A:  The selection committee looks at each student’s overall Clemson GPR.  In addition, success in science and math courses in the Nursing curriculum is stressed.  Priority is also given to students who have completed the majority of the courses that are not restricted to Nursing majors within the first two years of the Nursing curriculum.  Please refer to the current Undergraduate Catalog for information concerning the Nursing curriculum.  

Q:  Is priority given to students who are Honors, ROTC, student-athletes or other student categories?

A:  This is not a factor in the selection process.  All students who are chosen must be competitive with the other students chosen in their change of major group. 

Q:  When is the best time to apply?

A:  Typically, if students have been following the Nursing curriculum, the best chance to apply and be accepted as a change of major is during the spring (January) of the student’s sophomore year or second year or once a student has earned 45 or more credits toward the Nursing curriculum.  

Q:  What are my odds of getting into Nursing as a change of major?

A:  We are often asked this question.  The truth of the matter is that based upon the selection criteria, it is difficult to gauge the competitiveness of each applicant pool.  There are no hard and fast averages or minimums.  However, all change of major students should know that there are a limited number of spaces each January for applicants.  The School of Nursing has always received more applicants than we have spaces, which makes this process highly competitive.  In the past, we have had anywhere from 60-85 qualified applicants for approximately 35 spaces.  

2011 average Clemson GPR of change of major students accepted:  3.61

2010 average Clemson GPR of change of major students accepted:  3.71

2009 average Clemson GPR of change of major students accepted:  3.65

2008 average Clemson GPR of change of major students accepted:  3.52

2007 average Clemson GPR of change of major students accepted:  3.46

Q:  What can I do to guarantee my acceptance as a change of major into the Nursing program at Clemson University? 

A:  When pursuing entrance into the School of Nursing through the change of major process, there are no guarantees of admission or acceptance.  

Q:  What other factors are considered along with the application?A:  The School of Nursing does not look at letters of recommendation, work and/or volunteer experience, number of times applying to the program, current major, student status (ROTC, Honors, student-athlete, etc.) or any criteria not states in the Undergraduate Catalog.  Students are encouraged to focus their efforts on factors that are part of the selection process to make them competitive with other students accepted.  

Q:  Is there a waiting list for students wishing to change their major to Nursing?

A:  No, there is no wait list maintained for change of major students.  We accept applications once a year in January.  

Q:  What is my responsibility as a student pursuing change of major into Nursing at Clemson University?

A:  Ultimately, all academic advising at Clemson is the student’s responsibility.  Students are expected to confirm specific dates of meetings and make contact with the HEHD Advising Center to seek pertinent information about this process.   It is also the student’s responsibility to become familiar with the policies and procedures, course pre-requisites, Nursing specific grade requirements, and other information concerning the process as outlined in the current Undergraduate Catalog.     

The Nursing academic advisor is always available to talk with prospective change of major students regarding their specific situation.  Kristin Goodenow may be reached by phone at (864) 656-5123 or e-mail at