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Prospective Freshmen

You may visit the University's Undergraduate Admissions site for more information.

Nursing Freshman Admission Overview

The Nursing Program at Clemson University is targeting an enrolled freshmen class of approximately 75 students each fall. With limited space, Nursing is often one of the most competitive majors for entry at Clemson University. Acceptance letters are extended to more than our targeted number of students, knowing that not all students who are accepted will attend Clemson University.  For those students who are admitted as Freshmen, there is no re-application process for progression to the upper level nursing courses.

Generally, Admissions considers three criteria:

  • 1) High School class rank
  • 2) High School GPA
  • 3) SAT or ACT scores

For specific information regarding admission criteria, please call Clemson University Admissions at (864) 656-2287 or visit the website at Admissions.

Campus Visitation information
Clemson University provides general campus tours through the Class of 1944 Visitor's Center.  To arrange a visit go to information can be found at map is located at

To arrange a visit to the School of Nursing
Please provide the following information via this online form regarding your visit:
Once reservation is confirmed, an email containing location and other details will be sent to all registered attendees.  
Please read your choices very carefully for tours and be sure to choose a tour appropriate to your situation. 

Prospective Freshmen Student Group Tours for students not yet accepted: School of Nursing group tours for students who have not yet been accepted are available in the spring on January 15 and February 5 (all Fridays) at 3:00 pm.  On March 24 (Thursday), March 25 (Friday), March 28 (Monday) and March 29 (Tuesday), Nursing will offer tours as part of the Spring Blitz recruiting days at 3:00 pm.  These tours will be for students who are not yet accepted to the Nursing program. Note that each tour is the same content. 

Space is limited and advanced reservation is required.  Note that touring with the School of Nursing in no way influences the admissions decision.

Tours include an overview of the Nursing curriculum and a tour of the Nursing facilities.  If cancellation becomes necessary, we ask that you cancel your space via email to to allow another prospective student and their family to attend as soon as is possible.  Those who register and do not show up for the tour will not be allowed to re-register for a later tour date.  Observation of classes in session is not permitted.  

Seniors accepted to the School of Nursing fall 2016 freshmen class:

There will be specifically designed tour for students who are accepted directly into Nursing for the fall 2016 semester in February and March.  Dates and times will be communicated to accepted students directly.  After February 1, Nursing Ambassador tours (see below) will not be an option if you are accepted to the School of Nursing.  You will want to visit during a designated day to learn about the different enrollment options available starting in fall 2016.  If you have questions about whether you were accepted to Nursing at Clemson OR if you feel you did not receive this information as an accepted student, please email

If you are unable to visit on a designated visitation day, note that we have the possibility of a Clemson Student Nursing Ambassador tour.  Due to the limited availability with our ambassador’s class schedule, please try to reserve these tour requests for prospective students who are travelling from more than five hours away from Clemson University to visit.  Every effort should be made to schedule during one of the pre-arranged group tours listed above.  The Ambassadors are available for tours Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm as their schedules permits.  Tours are not given on University holidays, during Clemson’s designated summer sessions, exam weeks, or weekends.  It is required that at least two weeks advance request is made for tours. Tours will be given only as the advisor or ambassador’s schedules permit.  Faculty and student ambassadors are not available for tours during the summer semester as they are not required to be on campus.  It is recommended that summer tour requests are 10 business days prior to your visit via the online form.

For any questions not answered here, please contact:

Kristin Goodenow 

Director and Nursing Advisor

College of HEHD Academic Advising Center 

309 Edwards - 864.656.5495 

Honors ApplicationOutstanding high school seniors applying for admission to Clemson should also apply for membership in the Calhoun Honors College. For priority notification by February 15 as well as consideration for the National Scholars Program, applicants MUST submit their Honors application online by December 1, and all supporting documents must be submitted by December 15. Please note that all applicants to the Honors College must FIRST submit the Undergraduate Admissions application.

HEHD Living-Learning Community

The HEHD Living Learning Community is a great opportunity for students who are interested in being in an environment that focuses on the student's education. It is a chance for you to live near people in your major so you can study together.

For more information and to see comments from other freshman in the program, click on the picture below.

living learning students