School of Nursing

Prospective Transfer Students

Nursing Transfer Admission Overview 

 The Nursing Program at Clemson University accepts 10 Transfer students for enrollment in each Fall semester.  We do not accept Transfer students directly into Nursing for Spring or Summer semester admission.  Transfer students should apply between September 1st and December 1st for admission in the following Fall semester. The general University application deadlines for Transfer students does not apply to Nursing, as it a limited Admissions program.  Students who have completed 30+ credit hours by the time of application will be competitive for these ten transfer spaces.  Transfer Students are expected to complete the first two years of Clemson's Nursing curriculum by the end of their first semester of enrollment and are placed in the clinical nursing courses in the Spring semester following the Fall enrollment.  Please refer to the Nursing Curriculum Plan for Nursing Transfer Students.

Once accepted, Transfer students will have their transfer credits formally evaluated as part of the transfer admissions process.  Transfer students may use the Transfer Equivalency list link Transfer Credit Equivalency List to informally evaluate their own transfer credits.  Transfer students may also use the Nursing Curriculum worksheet to determine the courses completed in the Nursing curriculum.

For more information, contact:
Kristin Goodenow
Director and Nursing Advisor
College of HEHD Academic Advising Center
409 Edwards - 864.656.5495