The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Dr. Rob D. Bixler

Associate Professor
Tel: 864-656-4849
Location: 275A Lehotsky Hall

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B.A. University of Louisville
M.A.T. University of Louisville
Ph.D Clemson University Research Interests:
  • Local and regional nature centers
  • Human-insect interactions
  • Traditional residential summer camps
  • Innovations in heritage interpretation
  • Advances in program evaluation in nonformal leisure/education settings
  • Evolution of parks and public lands to social enterprises

Publications (last 5 years):  
Goodrich, J. L. & Bixler, R. D. (2011). Getting left-brained about emotional content, Legacy, 22, 5, 28-31.

Bixler, R. D. James, J. J. & Vadala, C. E. (2011). Environmental socialization incidents with implications for the expanded role of interpretive naturalist in providing natural history experiences. Journal of Interpretation Research, 16, 1, 35-64.

Bixler, R. D. (2011). There are “soccer moms” but no “nature moms”: Building identity with nature and nature centers, directions: Journal of the Association of Nature Center Administrators. 1, 5-7.

Vadala, C., Bixler, R. D., Bransford, J., & Waldrop, T. (in press, expected 2012). Attitudes, knowledge and perception of fuel reduction among involved publics in the southern Appalachians: Implications for responsive communication. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry.

Wagner, J. R., Bixler, R. D., Carraway, E. R.,  Moysey, S. M.,  Murdock, L. R., Schlautman, M. R., & Warner, R. D. (2010). Institutionalizing undergraduate research for Geology majors through Creative Inquiry experiences, Journal of College Science Teaching 39, 6, 30-38.

James, J. J., Bixler, R.D. & Vadala, C. E. (2010). From play to recreation then vocation: A developmental model of natural history oriented professions. Children, Youth & Environment, 20(1), 231-256. 

James, J. J. & Bixler, R. D. (2008). Children’s role in meaning making through their participation in a nonformal environmental education learning program. Journal of Environmental Education, 39 (4), 44-59.

Wynveen, C. J., Bixler, R. D. & Hammitt, W. E. (2007). Law enforcement perceptions and changes in the United States Park Service: Urban proximity and level of enforcement practices. Annals of Leisure Research, 10, 532-549.

Vadala, C. Bixler, R. D. and James, J. J. (2007). Childhood play and environmentalism: Panacea or snake oil? Journal of Environmental Education, 39,1, 3-18. 

Dixon, H. E. T. & Bixler, R. D. (2007). Failure to (Really) Learn to swim: Inflated self efficacy? Recreational Sports Journal, 31, 14-20 

Courses Taught:
  • PRTM 330 Visitor Services and Interpretation
  • PRTM 431/631 Environmental Interpretation