Office of Creative Services

Dr. Toni Leichty

Assistant Professor
Tel: 864-656-1244
Location: 298 Lehotsky Hall

B.S Parks and Recreation, Minor: Business Administration, Utah State University (2002)
M.S. Recreation Management and Youth Leadership, Brigham Young University (2004)
Ph.D. Leisure Studies, Concentration: Bio-behavioral Health, The Pennsylvania State University (2009)

Specialty area:
  • Community, Recreation, Sport, and Camp Management
Research Interests:
  • Body image and leisure/physical activity
  • Leisure and embodiment
  • Leisure across the lifespan
  • Leisure and health/well-being

Publications (last 5 years):
Liechty, T., & Genoe, M. R. (in press). “I don’t want to become elderly; I want to become an elder”: Canadian men’s perceptions of leisure and aging. Leisure Sciences.

Liechty, T., Ribeiro, N. F., Sveinson, K., & Dahlstrom, L. (in press). “It’s about what I can do with my body”: Body image and embodied experiences of aging among Canadian Men. International Journal of Men’s Health.

Barbosa, C., Liechty, T., & Perdercini, R. (2013). Restrições ao lazer feminion: Particularidades das experiências de lazer de mulheres homossexuais/ Leisure constraints for women: The leisure experiences of homosexual women. Licere, 16(2), 1-22. Available at

Liechty, T., Dahlstrom, L., Sveinson, K., Son, J., & Rossow-Kimball, B. (2012). Canadian men’s perceptions of leisure-time physical activity and the aging body. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health. DOI: 10.1080/2159676X.2012.712990

Liechty, T. (2012). “Yes, I worry about my weight…but for the most part I’m content with my body”: Older women’s body dissatisfaction alongside contentment. Journal of Women and Aging, 24(1), 70-88. DOI: 10.1080/08952841.2012.638873

Liechty, T., Yarnal, C. M., & Kerstetter, D. L. (2012). “I want to do everything!”: Leisure Innovation among retirement-age women. Leisure Studies, 31(4), 389-408. DOI:10.1080/02614367.2011.573571

Genoe, R., Liechty, T., & LeDrew, J. E. (2011). “When it’s my time, I tend to just sit”: Challenges and opportunities for healthy active living among mature women. International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society, 1(3), 55-70.

Yarnal, C. M., Son, J., & Liechty, T. (2011). “She was buried in her purple dress and her red hat and all of our members wore full ‘Red Hat Regalia’ to celebrate her life”: Dress, embodiment and older women’s leisure. Journal of Aging Studies, 25(1), 52-61. DOI:10.1016/j.jaging.2010.08.006

Kerstetter, D. L., Mowen, A. J., Trauntvein, N. E., Graefe, A. R., Liechty, T., & Zielinski, K. D. (2010). Visitors’ opinions of who should provide services and amenities in state parks. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 28(4), 21-36.

Liechty, T., & Yarnal, C. M. (2010). The role of body image in older women’s leisure. Journal of Leisure Research, 42(3), 443-467.

Liechty, T., & Yarnal, C. M. (2010). Older women’s body image: A life course perspective. Ageing and Society, 30(7), 1197-1218. DOI: 10.1017/S0144686X10000346

Liechty, T., Ribeiro, N. F., & Yarnal, C. M. (2009). ‘I traveled alone, but never felt alone’: An exploration of the benefits of a women’s group tour experience. Tourism Review International, 13(1), 17-29. DOI:

Grants and Self-funded Research Projects:
Body image and leisure among older men. Social Science and Humanities Research Council General Research Grant Fund. $4, 832.00 (PI)

Making a difference in our community: Pedometers and cameras as reflective tools in the promotion of healthy, active living. Social Science and Humanities Research Council General Research Grant Fund. $4,964

The impact of transitioning between leisure service providers: Phase II of a community arts program case study. Social Science and Humanities Research Council General Research Grant Fund. $5,000

Ma Culture, Où-Est-Elle sur le Campus? Cultural Identity, and Well-Being of Fransaskois and Métis Youth in University Spaces. Centre Canadien de Recherche sur les Francophonies en Milieu Minoritaire/ Canadian Center for Research on Francophone Minority Communities. $4,960 (PI)

Body image and physical activity: The lived experience of pregnancy and the changing body. Social Science and Humanities Research Council General Research Grant Fund. $3,720. (PI)

Pregnancy, media, and body image. Mentored Education Grant. $20,000.00.

Insight into leisure and aging: Is there room for innovation? Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant. $33,460.
Body image and embodiment in women’s tackle football (PI)

Courses Taught:
PRTM 4070 Personnel Administration in Parks, Recreation and Tourim Management
PRTM 3250 Global Perspectives in Leisure, Recreation and Tourism