The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

PhD Degree in PRTM

The Ph.D. program is based on the student's grasp of recreation subject matter, competency to plan and conduct research, and the ability to effectively and professionally use written and oral communication.

All graduate assistants must have additional work assignments that are outside their primary assistantship cleared with the Assistantship Supervisor. Please click the link below and fill out the form.

Graduate Assistantship Additional Work Clearance Form

PhD Course Worksheet Form

  • Application Deadline

    Applicants who would like to be considered for graduate assistantship funding for the fall semester need to have all application materials completed by January 15th. While additional funding may be awarded to those students who apply after this deadline, preference is given to those who have met the January 15th deadline. All other applications are due by April 15th although consideration for fall admission may be given to applicants after that date as well. For spring admission, application materials are due by November 15th.

  • Time Limit

    The time limit for this degree is determined by the dates by which essential elements of the degree are completed. The following must be passed in the five-year period prior to graduation:

      • Comprehensive examination
      • PRTM 9100 Research Seminar (2 hours)
      • Defense of dissertation
      • Approval of dissertation by the Graduate School
  • Course Requirements

    Graduate study at the Ph.D. level must maintain flexibility. The study program for each candidate is directed by that Candidate's Advisory Committee. It is anticipated that a program of study would approximate the following example.

    Minimum Course Requirements (60 hours)

    Since the program is designed to maintain flexibility, course requirements will vary based on student needs. However, it is anticipated that a program of study will approximate at least the following:

      • Research/Methods 3/2 Combination [selected with advisor approval](15 credits)
      • PRTM 9100 Research Seminar (2 credits)
      • PRTM 9110 Teaching/Professional Development (1 credits)
      • PRTM 8010 or PHIL 8210 [see below] (3 credits)
      • PRTM 8080 Behavioral Aspects of PRTM (3 credits)
      • Collateral area [focused study area selected in consultation with student's committee] (18 credits)
  • Committee

    The student's committee must consist of at least four (4) members and the majority of the advisory committee, including the major advisor, must be comprised of Clemson University faculty from the program offering the particular degree and who hold full-time tenure-track positions. Part-time and visiting faculty employed by Clemson may serve on this committee but not serve as Chair. Persons not employed by Clemson University may serve if they have been appointed to an adjunct faculty status.

  • Comprehensive Examination

    An exam is required and may be oral and/or written, as determined by the student's committee. It should be designed to ascertain the general knowledge of the candidate, with particular reference to the major and collateral subjects, and the student's area of research. The comprehensive examination usually is given during a student's final semester of classes or soon thereafter.

  • Final Doctoral Oral Examination

    The student must pass a final dissertation defense at least three weeks prior to the commencement at which the student plans to graduate.

  • Residency

    To receive the Doctor of Philosophy degree, the student must complete at least 15 semester hours of graduate credit including research credit (991) on the Clemson University campus in a continuous 12-month period.

For more information

Please contact the Coordinator of Graduate Studies at or call (864) 656-3400 or (864)656-5679 for more information. The FAX number is: (864) 656-2226. If you would like to submit the Departmental Supplemental Information Form, please fill out the form. A formal Graduate School application must also be submitted. Please see for information.