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US Play Coalition Awards $6,000 in grants

Grant award recipients and selection committee members at the 2013 Conference on the Value of Play. Pictured l. to r.: Jackie Epping, Dee Stegelin, Joyce Hemphill, Heather Von Bank, Joy Kuebler, Jeanette Gustat, Naomi Roberson, Kate Zmich, Brett Wright, and Fran Mainella. On February 19, 2013 the US Play Coalition awarded a total of $6,000 in grant funding at the conclusion of the 2013 Conference on the Value of Play. These grants are to support research and action to move play forward and brought the total grant funding over three years to $24,000.

One $3,000 research grant was awarded. Research grants provide funding that moves the field of play forward and contributes to the overall body of literature. This year, the grant was awarded to Dr. Jeanette Gustat and Isobel Healy for their proposal “Developing a Community Play Index.”  Developing a Community Play Index (CPI) is a project of the Prevention Research Center (PRC) Specialized Interest Project (SIP) at Tulane University.

Three $1,000 action grants were awarded. These Action Grants are a new initiative of the US Play Coalition and are designed to support creative and innovative proposals to engage groups in play or educate about the value of play. The 2013 grants went to:

  • Heather Von Bank and Joyce Hemphill for “All My Other Classes are Boring Lectures: Play Days as Service-Learning Opportunities.”
  • Joy Kuebler for “Buffalo’s Pop-Up Adventure Playground – Community Based Free Play.”
  • Naomi Roberson and Kate Zmich for “Play for All: Advocating Play to Vulnerable Populations.”

The US Play Coalition is a partnership to promote the value of play throughout life. Membership is composed of individuals and organizations that recognize play as a valuable and necessary part of a healthy and productive life. It is housed within Clemson University’s College of Health, Education and Human Development.

Work of the US Play Coalition is facilitated by support from Clemson University, generosity of sponsors, and tireless efforts of the Coalition members. For more information on the US Play Coalition please see or call Carly Summers at 864-656-2525 or email