The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management


  • What is the minimum number of participants for a program to run?

    To run a program, the minimum number of participants is 25 and a normal program accommodates 25-50. You will need to contact the coordinator if you are planning on having more than 50 participants as an additional instructor may be needed.
  • When will I receive my program materials?

    Program materials will be shipped two weeks from the start date. It is important that the program coordinator for Clemson University has an accurate headcount for the program at that time. The materials will be shipped to the host location for distribution on the first day of the program. All other host materials will be exchanged via email when the host elects to hold a program in their area.
  • What A/V requirements is the host responsible for?

    The host is responsible for providing a projection screen large enough for all participants to see comfortably and access to electrical power. Dimmable lighting and in room speakers provide a better participant learning experience, but we will work with hosts to accommodate the restrictions of the room. The instructor will provide a laptop and LCD projector.
  • Is there a playground site visit required in the program?

  • Are CEUs available for this program?

    At this time, we are not offering CEUs for this program.
  • As a host, what am I responsible for?

    As a host, you are responsible for promoting the program in your area, organizing registrations, and arranging a training location with the appropriate audio-visual technology. You are also asked to provide snacks and access to lunch, please see the next question for more detail on lunches.
  • What do you mean provide access to lunch?

    Participants have a limited one-hour window to eat lunch on both days of the program. You may provide a complimentary lunch (consider this additional cost when setting a participant fee), offer a lunch for sale on-site, have access to nearby lunch options, or give participants the opportunity to pack a lunch. You should communicate to participants how lunch will be arranged in all advertisements and program materials.
  • What is Clemson University in partnership with the US Play Coalition responsible for?

    We are responsible for providing a trained professional instructor, assisting in the development of promotional materials, and sending the program materials (a textbook and workbook).