The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Leadership Application & Experience

Leadership Application and ExperienceHEHD 420 – 620 (3 Cr. Hr.) - explores the “why” of leadership and provides the reason for collective action

The purpose of this course is to immerse students in a practical leadership experience where they may utilize knowledge and skills acquired in the first two courses.Students will identify an issue or problem and practice leadership by developing and implementing a community project.

Students will be challenged to commit themselves to long-term, active involvement as agents of change for the common good. Limited lectures and seminars will supplement the course and provide guidance for the field work experience.
The student will:

  • Demonstrate and perform personal leadership skills and capabilities, including the ability to successfully communicate and work with others;
  • Acknowledge and make appropriate decisions when balancing both personal and collaborative goals;
  • Engage in a collaborative project involving the implementation and practice of civic leadership in the Upstate area;
  • Identify a correlation between the role of leadership theories and skills with practical leadership experiences;
  • Comprehend and integrate effective collaboration in field experiences;
  • Learn from the experiences of campus and community members through interactive sharing sessions;
  • Develop a life-long commitment to leadership through action planning and networking;
  • Create a leadership centered resume strategically highlighting leadership skills and experiences; and
  • Be provided opportunities and methods for effective reflection.