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Nonprofit Leadership Minor

The Non Profit Minor will continue to be offered although the requirements are undergoing change. Please contact Dr. Howard Brown ( for information and guidance on the minor. The details are available at

Students who meet the eligibility criteria are welcome to complete the minor as outlined below. However, they may also choose to take the NPL classes listed on the Certificate which will count toward their Minor requirements (see link above).

Students interested working with nonprofit youth and human service agencies should investigate the Nonprofit Leadership minor field of study available within PRTM. It is designed to enable students to learn and apply leadership skills in nonprofit agencies. Through PRTM's internship experience, volunteer experiences, leadership activities, and professional development workshops, students will be educated and trained in various skill areas including:

  • Board and Committee Development
  • Fundraising and Fiscal Management
  • Human Resource and Volunteer Management
  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Program Planning Evaluation
  • Public Relations and Marketing 

A minor in Non-profit Leadership requires the completion of NPL 300, NPL 390, NPL 490, and one course from each of five competency areas: (1) communication skills, (2) youth and adult development, (3) marketing, fundraising, and financial management, (4) human resource development and supervision, and (5) general risk management. Total credit hours: 20

Non-profit Foundations
NPL 300: Foundations in Non-profit Leadership (2) (NPL 300 is a pre-req to NPL 390 & 490)

Practicum in Non-Profit Leadership
NPL 390: 60 hour practicum (1)
NPL 490: 100 hour practicum (2)

Communication Skills
COMM 348: Interpersonal Communications (3)
COMM 480: Intercultural Communications (3)
ENGL 314: Technical Writing (3) *
ENGL 316: Writing and International Trade (3) *
CRD 335: Leadership in Organizations and Communities (3) *
NPL 301: Marketing and Communications for NonProfit Organizations (3)

Youth and Adult Development
PSYCH 340: Lifespan Developmental Psychology (3)
SOC 350: Self and Society (3)
EDF 334: Child Growth and Development (3)
EDF 335: Adolescent Growth and Development (3)
PRTM 460: Leisure Across the Lifespan (3) *
ANTH 423: Women in the Developing World (3) *

Marketing, Fundraising, and Financial Management
MKT 428: Services Marketing (3)
MKT 429: Public and Non-profit Marketing (3)
HLTH 401: Health Consumerism (3)
ACCT 307: Managerial Accounting (3) *
FIN 306: Corporation Finance (3) *
HLTH 303: Public Health Communications (3) *
NPL 302: Financial Management and Fundraising for NonProfit Organizations (3)

Human Resource Development and Supervision
MGT 307: Personnel Management (3)
POSC 427: Public Management (3)
PSYCH 368: Organizational Psychology (3)
PRTM 407: Personnel Management in PRTM (3) *
AGED 415: Leadership of Volunteers (3) *
PSYCH 369: Leadership in Organizational Settings (3) *
NPL 303: Personnel Management and Leadership of NonProfit Organizations (3)

General Risk Management
PHIL 344: Business Ethics (3)
POSC 321: Public Administration (3)
HLTH 440: Managing Health Service Organizations (3)
FIN 304: Risk and Insurance (3) *
SOC 430: Sociology of Organizations (3) *
NPL 304: Legal Issues and Risk Management of NonProfit Organizations (3)

*Courses in italics and underlined have not yet been approved by the University Curriculum Committee as of 4/15/2010. Students must complete a substitution form and have it signed by the Department of PRTM to have these courses count toward their NPL minor course work.

Nonprofit Leadership Practicum (NPL 390/490)

NPL Practicum Requirements Presentation

NPL Internship Agency Participants

NPL Internship Opportunities

NPL Practicum Application

NPL 390/490 Student Manual

NPL Weekly Report Form

NPL Evaluation of Practicum by Student

NPL Evaluation of Student by Agency Supervisor

NPL Portfolio Requirements

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