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Karen A. Kemper, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Public Health Sciences, Graduate Program Coordinator

Karen Kemper picDept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 533
Tel. (864) 656-5490 

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Dr. Kemper has worked in health promotion since 1985 and has been a faculty member in the Department of Public Health Sciences at Clemson University since 1992. She has certifications in Health and Fitness (ACSM 2000) and Fitness in Aging Populations (ACE 2004) as well as training in yoga (Yoga Fit 2004), life coaching (Life Coaching Institute 2005), Girls on the Run coaching (Girls on the Run 2008) and Girls Circle facilitation (Youth Learning Institute, 2009). Dr. Kemper completed a fellowship program in 2002 with the USC Research Prevention Center and CDC Physical Activity and Public Health Research program and has served as a Board Member (2002-2005) and President (2003-2004) of the SC Coalition to Promote Physical Activity. Dr. Kemper enjoys teaching and including students in her research and finds this to be the most rewarding aspect of her work.  Her favorite hobbies are kayaking, hiking, and walking her dog. Dr. Kemper was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called scleroderma in 1992 and recently co-authored a book titled “If you have to wear an ugly dress, learn to accessorize: Guidance, inspiration, and hope for women living with lupus and scleroderma.”

Ph.D.- Health Promotion and Education, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina 
MSPH - Health Promotion and Education, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina  
B.S. - Biology, College of Math and Science,  University of South Carolina

Dr. Kemper’s research interests include the promotion of physical activity and the prevention of obesity. Her research has addressed attitudes, beliefs and behaviors related to physical activity, nutrition and body image. The majority of her work has been with youth and college aged populations as well as minority populations. Recent research projects have involved the use of pedometers and accelerometers with college students and children, submaximal  treadmill tests of young children, and environmental assessments of preschool and afterschool program physical activity and nutrition practices. She is interested in exploring a new area of research looking at physical activity among individuals with autoimmune diseases.


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  • HLTH 402: Applied Principles of Health Fitness      
  • HLTH 415:  Public Health Issues in Obesity and Eating Disorders    
  • HLTH  497: Creative Inquiry – Physical Activity Promotion and Research
  • MHA 717: Special Topics – The Business of Obesity   



  • American Public Health Association – Health Communication Working Group 10 Year Anniversary Award 2008   
  • Clemson University - Phil and Mary Bradley Award for Mentoring in Creative Inquiry 200
  • Clemson University – President’s Commission on the Status of Women at Clemson University – Outstanding Faculty Award 2009