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Ralph S. Welsh, M.S.

Lecturer in Public Health Sciences

Ralph Welsh picDept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 527
Tel. (864) 656-7158 

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Since joining the faculty in 2002, Professor Welsh has served as an academic lecturer teaching a variety of knowledge and skill based courses across the curriculum. His academic preparation includes undergraduate education in “Health Science: Exercise Physiology” from a School of Allied Health and graduate level education in “Exercise Science” and “Health Promotion, Education & Behavior” from a School of Public Health. This broadly focused educational background along with his broad range of real world experiences provides him with a multidisciplinary perspective that enhances the skill based education he provides to students seeking academic preparation in the areas of Public Health Science and Health Care Delivery. During Prof. Welsh’s 20 plus years of teaching in higher education he has also worked with a variety of populations in diverse community settings. Prior to joining the Clemson faculty, he taught at Anderson College, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 

Ph.D. Candidate, Health Promotion, Education and Behavior, University of South Carolina 
M.S., Exercise Science, University of South Carolina 
B.S., Health Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Prof. Welsh has been involved in numerous research projects funded by agencies that include the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), and the US Olympic Committee (USOC). His research experiences include a variety of topics in the areas of determining physiological responses to physical activity/exercise in youth and adults, establishing field tests for determining optimal training intensities for athletes, exploring the influence of diet and exercise on athletic performance and athletic induced amenorrhea, investigating mechanisms of central nervous system and peripheral muscle fatigue, developing and evaluating cognitive behavioral physical activity promotion interventions for youth in community and hospital settings, and evaluating the effectiveness of social media and distributed learning vs. traditional face-to-face course content delivery techniques among college students. Prof. Welsh’s master’s degree research investigated the role of carbohydrate supplementation on optimal physical and mental sports performance. His dissertation research investigated the role that various individual, social, and environmental level factors, as well as, previous participation in organized physical activity programs may have on long term health related physical activity behaviors among youth making the transition from high school into college life and beyond. 


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  • HLTH 202  “Introduction to Public Health Sciences”  
  • HLTH 203 “Overview of Health Care Systems”  
  • HLTH 240  “Determinants of Health Behavior”
  • HLTH 250 “Health and Fitness”
  • HLTH 298 “Human Health & Disease”
  • HLTH 498 “Changing Population Health”
  • HLTH 499 "Independent Study:  Social Media & Public Health Working Group"


  • "Award of Excellence for the Use of Video in Higher Education" (2013)
    • "Sonic Foundry RMIA (DPHS Student Scholarship of $2,500)
  • “Award of Excellence in Teaching” (2011), College of HEHD, Clemson University
  • “Fit and Fueled for Life” Pediatric Obesity Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program Grant (2003), Greenville Memorial Hospital & SC Children’s Miracle Network (Co-P.I. $4,880). 
  • Dissertation Research Grant (2000), CDC/USC Prevention Research Center (P.I. $5,000)