College of Health, Education and Human Development

Graduate Certification

Youth Development Leadership — Online

The Certificate in Youth Development Leadership is designed to equip professionals with competencies that augment their bachelor’s degree in a related field.  The Certificate Program requires a minimum of 15 graduate credit hours of course work while taking in consideration the student’s academic background and preparation. 

Problems facing young people can be overwhelming, not only for youth themselves but also for those responsible for addressing their needs. The Certificate in Youth Development Leadership will equip professionals with competencies, knowledge and skills necessary to help young people develop into healthy, competent, coping and contributing citizens.

Required Courses

The Certificate Program requires you to complete five graduate credit courses (15 semester credit hours). The Certificate Program can be completed within one year. See Course Descriptions for more information.

HEHD 800 Foundations of Youth Development—An Applied Perspective
HEHD 801 Child and Adolescent Development
HEHD 802 Youth Development Programming in a Contemporary Society
HEHD 803 Creative and Ethical Leadership in a Changing Society
HEHD 804 Assessment and Evaluation of Youth Programs

 Requirements for Admission

Students must apply for admission into the Clemson University Graduate School and the Certificate Program.

  • Admission to Clemson University Graduate School
    • Application is available online at
    • Submit application fee, transcripts, and two letters of recommendation to Graduate School
    • May be admitted as either a non-degree student or a Youth Development major (383)
  • Admission into Youth Development Certificate Program
    • Application
    • Application fee
    • Acceptance by Youth Development Committe

Continuing into the Master of Science in Youth Development Degree Program

Students who are admitted into the Certificate Program as a non-degree student may decide to continue into the Master of Science in Youth Development Leadership degree program.

Only 12 credit hours can be transferred into a graduate degree program; therefore, students need to complete the transfer process before completing the certificate program.

  • Earn an acceptable score on the Graduate Record Exam
  • Submit a Letter of Intent
  • Transfer into the degree program before you complete the certificate program.