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Houston Center Receives Grants to Study Students & STEM

Lamont Flowers, Director, Charles H. Houston Center for the Black Experience in EducationStudy of Students at Historically Black Colleges

The National Science Foundation recently granted Clemson University and two other schools nearly $500,000 to study motivational factors of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students at historically black colleges and universities.

Clemson’s Charles H. Houston Center for the Black Experience in Education will partner with Ohio State University and Winston-Salem State University Dr. Lamont A. Flowers, Executive Director of the Charles H. Houston Center and Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership , will be serving as a Co-Principal Investigator for a 3-year study titled, “Mixed Methods Study of the Factors Influencing Recruitment, Retention, and Academic Achievement of Undergraduate Females and Males in STEM Disciplines at HBCUs.”(historically black colleges and universities).” The National Science Foundation awarded the universities $499,890 for the three-year study.

Researchers will investigate such factors as pre-college characteristics and academic experiences at institutions on students’ educational and career outcomes.

The Charles H. Houston Center will receive $181,722 of the grant award and will be able to support a doctoral student for 3 years, collect and analyze quantitative data, as well as disseminate the results of the research project.

“The significance of this study is that it will include the development of research-based best practices for teaching, parenting, mentoring and advising STEM students in college,” Flowers said.