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Hope remembered

Thomas Martin (PRTM grad May 2010), a Recreation Specialist at the Outdoor Lab with Janette Wilson whose two sons, Greg and Bobby Wilson, have attended Jaycee Camp Hope for 30+ years. Listen to Mrs. Wilson's story about Camp Hope.Janette was seeking for hope; hope that their children could find fun, friendship, and happiness. Camp Hope at Clemson University's Outdoor Lab filled those hopes for her two sons, Greg and Bobby Wilson. Both have attended Camp Hope for more than 30 years, forming memories and friendships that will always be remembered.

Listen to Mrs. Wilson speak about finding Camp Hope.

Sponsored by the Jaycees, Camp Hope is a statewide residential camp for citizens with intellectual disabilities. Its purposes are to give the camper helpful experiences in an outdoor environment, develop the ability to work and play as a group, and provide new experiences unique to a camp setting.

Individuals participating in Camp Hope are ages 8 and older. Campers are grouped according to age, level of functioning, and previous camp and social experience.

"Through the eyes of Greg, Heaven is on Earth and it’s at Camp Hope, said Mrs. Wilson. When we found Camp Hope, she found Heaven on earth for our children.

After 53 years of marriage, Mr. Wilson died on October 12, 2010.

In remembrance of her husband, and as a thank you to Clemson University and the Jaycees, Mrs. Wilson wanted to share a few stories of her family and the time they found Camp Hope.