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SoE Faculty Lead New Center of Academic Training

Bob Horton (l), a professor of secondary math education and Jeff Marshall, a science educator, both from the Clemson University Eugene T. Moore School of Education. Clemson University in South Carolina will be the home of an expanded professional development program for math teachers sponsored by Casio's Education Division. Known as the Center of Academic Training, the joint effort will implement ideas developed through Clemson's Inquiry in Motion Institute and its offshoot, the Center of Excellence for Inquiry in Mathematics and Science. Both programs are co-directed by Bob Horton, a professor of secondary math education at Clemson's school of education, and Jeff Marshall, a science educator.

At the heart of teacher education will be Clemson's "4E x 2 Instructional Model," a model for teaching that uses inquiry-based instruction. Inquiry engages students in solving problems that have meaning for them and doing experiments and explorations to learn more about the topic. "4E x 2" stands for the combined "engage, explore, explain, and extend," and two other components: formative assessment and student reflection.

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