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J.A. Stokes to Speak at Tillman Hall

Stokes served as a teacher, a master teacher, assistant principal, assistant to the superintendent, and principal in Baltimore City Public Schools before retiring as principal in 1994.Mr. J.A. Stokes, a Civil Rights activist, will speak to Clemson University students, faculty, staff, and visitors on October 19, 2011, 7 pm, Tillman Hall Auditorium.

Stokes was one of the student leaders of the student strike at Robert Russa Moton High School (the black high school) in Farmville, Virginia, in April 1951. The strike led to a federal lawsuit by the students and their parents against segregated schools in Farmville, Davis v. School Board of Prince Edward County. This was one of the five cases decided by the Supreme Court in May 1954 under Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka.

Stokes is a dynamic speaker, and his presentation includes a simulation, in which members of the audience participate, of a bus ride through the South during Jim Crow. Mr. Stokes is a retired educator and recipient of a number of awards, including the Charles Hamilton Houston, Sr., Pioneer for Justice Award, and he is author of Students on Strike, published by National Geographic.