Lucy’s Tasty Treasures promotes healthful eating

By Diane Palmer

children in a truck holding a watermelon; Photo by Katherine Cason A new program that takes a farm-to-table approach to promote healthful eating and physical activity is being offered to elementary schools this year through DVDs, family newsletters, student activity books and photo-novellas. 

The program, called “Lucy’s Tasty Treasures”, was developed by Katherine Cason, state program leader for food safety and nutrition, to help combat the obesity epidemic. It follows children on a treasure hunt to locate and learn about healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, dairy and whole grains.

The curriculum is being used in 30% of South Carolina schools, with orders from approximately 100 teachers in nine other states. It is also used by Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) educators in more than 260 schools and by the non-profit Zest Quest® children’s health initiative in 14 schools.

Additional information, recipes, games, a blog, and order form for the DVDs are at

For information: Katherine Cason, 864-656-0539,