2014-2015 Faculty Fellows Program

The Clemson University Service Alliance would like to invite you to apply to be a 2014-2015 Service- Learning Faculty Fellow. Service Alliance Faculty Fellows will be a part of a learning community that explores issues related to service-learning and community-based research and will also serve as a resource for other faculty interested in utilizing service-learning in their classroom or developing a community-based research design.

Up to five faculty will be selected from a variety of academic disciplines for the 2014-2015 academic year. Fellows can either be experienced service-learning faculty/ community-based researchers or faculty interested in developing a service-learning course or a course involving students in community-based research.

Service Alliance Fellows will receive professional development funds in the amount of $1,200 in return for the following:

  • Teaching at least one course utilizing service-learning or community-based research during the period of their one year fellowship.
  • Conducting a 90-minute service-learning workshop or participating in roundtable or panel discussion during the year through the Office of Teaching Effectiveness & Innovation
  • Serving as a consultant and mentor to faculty in designing and revising courses to include a service-learning component.
This is a competitive application process. Candidates should demonstrate – primarily through teaching of quality service-learning or community-based research courses – the potential to advance Clemson’s Service-learning Program. However, any faculty member interested in promoting service-learning as an instructional tool is encouraged to apply.

Selection is based upon:
  • The applicant’s curriculum vitae – evaluated for quality and integrated teaching, research and service experience.
  • Brief statement describing what the applicant hopes to gain professionally from involvement in the Service Alliance Faculty Fellows Program
  • Brief statement on the applicant’s experience with service-learning and community-based research

Review Process

Link to:
Application for Service Alliance Faculty Fellow

Applications will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Clemson University Service Alliance. Recommendations will be forwarded to the Office of the Vice President for Public Service Activities for final decisions.

Applications are due by July 31, 2014

Notification of selection by August 13, 2014

Applications and any questions should be directed to:

Kathy Woodard
Clemson Service Alliance
Faculty Fellows Program
230 Kappa Street
(Strom Thurmond Institute Building)
Clemson, SC 29634-0124
E-mail: ckathy@clemson.edu

Link to:
Application for Service Alliance Faculty Fellow