Creative Inquiry

Creative Inquiry engages students in an out-of-the-classroom research project of their own design. Student teams work with a faculty mentor and often present their work at national conferences. Creative Inquiry participants develop critical thinking skills, learn to work together as a team and enhance their writing, communication and presentation skills.

students posing with their biology projectFish restoration at Six Mile Creek

Students mentored by Dr. Jeff Foltz reintroduced the turquoise darter (Esheostoma incscriptum) to Six Mile Creek in upstate South Carolina, from which it was extirpated decades ago. The project will increase the biotic integrity of the stream community and serve as an example for the use of unit-based conservation techniques in the southeastern United States.

bonnehead sharksSharks take a bite out of cancer

An anti-tumor protein from the bonnethead shark (Sphyrna tiburo) possesses inhibitory activity toward 18 diverse-origin cancer cell lines—including malignant melanoma and breast cancer—and has great potential for use in anti-cancer treatments. An interdisciplinary team of undergraduates mentored by Dr. A.B. Bodine, has been researching this protein since 2006. Team Tiburon was represented at the 2009 ACC Undergraduate Research Conference.