2014 AEES Student Conference Travel Awards

To encourage student participation at the 14th Annual Meeting of the American Ecological Engineering Society, we are pleased to announce the 2014 AEES Student Conference Travel Award Competition.  AEES's 14th Annual Meeting will be held in Charleston, South Carolina, June 9-11, 2014. 

 To apply for an AEES Student Conference Travel Award, each student must submit the following to the AEES Secretary Tom Franti via email (thomas.franti@unl.edu) with the subject line “AEES Student Travel Awards” by May 15, 2014:

- A copy of their conference abstract;
- Contact information, and the name of their advisor, and
- An estimated and itemized budget of travel expenses (e.g., airfare, train fare, vehicle rental, fuel, lodging, etc.) to attend the conference

 To be eligible for an AEES Student Conference Travel Award, each student must meet the following requirements:

-  Make a presentation at the 2014 conference (either oral or poster, and first authorship is preferred)
- Participate in the student design competition during the conference

 Awards will be based on the following criteria:

- Quality of abstract
- Maximizing the representation of universities - no more than three (3) AEES travel awards will be given to students from one university
- Encourage participation of students from new institutions

Reimbursement details will be provided at a later time, with a total not to exceed $500.