Clemson University College Bowl Team wins the SE Institute of Food Technologists Student Associations’ College Bowl competition

Food Science College Bowl Team

Food Science College Bowl Team Members and Advisor:  Sitting left to right are Joanna Gorchesky, Jason Raines, Adam Rubelmann and Bethany Richardson (Team Captain).  Standing left to right are Maggie Dunn, Dr. Tony Pometto (Faculty Advisor) and Donald Gaal.

On Saturday, April 2, The Clemson University Food Science College Bowl Team proved that they had been eating the "brain food."  The six member team consisting of one graduate student and five undergraduate students won first place in the South East Region Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Student Associations’ College Bowl competition.  The team's advisor, Dr. Tony Pometto, acknowledged that "The team prepared diligently to compete in the event and they really represent the exceptional students in our Food Science Program and the great job our faculty do preparing our students."

The competition was held on the Clemson University campus and hosted by the Clemson University Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences Department.  The actual rounds of competition between schools from the South East Region occurred in the Bio-systems Research Complex and numerous student, staff and faculty volunteers were engaged in conducting the competition.

The College Bowl Team’s next competition will be at the National Institute of Food Technologies College Bowl held on June 13, 2011, in New Orleans, LA at the IFT's National Meeting.  Winners of this competition will be the National IFT College Bowl Champions.  There are eight Student Association regions and each region will send a team to compete at the national meeting.

CAFLS wishes these students the best as they compete for title of national champion!