Biology Merit Exam Registration

Please be sure you have reviewed all the information on the Details page before you begin registration.  If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact Stephanie Evans!  :)

Registration should be completed for an entire class/group by the teacher coordinating the trip, not by individual students. A parent may register his/her child separately ONLY if he/she is the only representative from his/her school participating. Otherwise, the registration should be completed by the teacher coordinating the trip for a class/group.

The registration and payment deadline is March 25.

Registration Procedures:

Step 1.

Complete the REGISTRATION SPREADSHEET (Excel) with the information required on each student attending and email it to (If the download does not work for some reason, email and I’ll send you a copy).  

      • You’ll need the following information to complete the spreadsheet (student first and last name, division, grade, gender, and T-shirt size ONLY if ordering - T-shirts are optional).

If left unedited, the Excel spreadsheet is set to calculate your total registration fees, total T-shirt fees and total amount owed for 1-50 students. If you have more than 50 students and add rows to the spreadsheet, you must double check the formulas are still working properly (they should be, but wacky things happen!). If you have fewer than 50 students, just use the rows you need and do not alter the spreadsheet.  If you are unsure, just add your students’ information and send the spreadsheet to and I’ll check/fix for you and return.  There is also a place on the spreadsheet to account for extra T-shirts ordered for teachers/chaperones.

If you are paying by credit card (preferred!) or need an invoice from which to pay via check, continue to Step 2.

If you want to pay by check, are confident your spreadsheet totals are correct, and do NOT need an your spreadsheet to, indicate you are paying by check in the email message, and then mail a check (payable to Clemson University) for the total amount owed (registration fees + T-shirts ordered) to:
Stephanie Evans
BME – Department of Biological Sciences
132 Long Hall
Clemson SC 29634-0314

Step 2.  To pay by credit card or if you need an invoice to pay by check:

Once your have entered all your students into the spreadsheet, and you are confident in your numbers (need total number of students and total number of each T-shirt size you are ordering for your group), then please proceed to the PAYMENT section of the BME website.

  • Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla as your Internet browser.
  • To begin, enter the total number of students you are registering and click ADD TO CART.
  • Review your cart. If the total number of students is correct, click CHECKOUT
  • Now you may order T-shirts. (Select size and quantity and add to cart. Repeat as necessary for each size). Then click CONTINUE TO DELIVERY METHODS.
  • Enter your email (for receipt) and click CONTINUE UNREGISTERED
  • Enter your payment method information and click CONTINUE
  • Enter contact information and click REVIEW ORDER
  • If all is correct, click SUBMIT ORDER

Once registered, you will receive a logistics letter via email the week of March 30 (if not before) that will contain all the information you need to plan your trip to Clemson: directions, drop-off procedures and parking information, dining options, additional activities available to you after the exam and more. Much of that information, however, is already available through the links in the left margin.

If you DO have unavoidable changes to your student list, you may submit a small list of changes to Stephanie Evans via email before April 10. After April 10, your list of registered students will be locked for editing. Do not bring any students to the Exam that have not been registered in advance.

Be sure to review (and print if helpful) directions and parking procedures, a list of additional activities available to you on campus the date of the exam, dining options, etc. before your trip. Again, a link for each of these is found in the left margin.
Download the free my.Clemson app to your smart phone or tablet from Google Play or the App Store for access to extremely useful GPS campus maps.

We look forward to seeing you soon here on campus!