The John C. & Suzanne E. Morse
Endowed Chair in Arthropod Biodiversity

John C. & Suzanne E. Morse

This Endowed Chair will:

  • Conduct rigorous, extramurally funded research focused on discovery of arthropod species and their ecological requirements and of economically beneficial products and services of species
  • Extend current research capability for discovery of the state's biodiversity, permitting improved management of its natural resources to enhance these economic opportunities.
  • Support the core curriculum of the Entomology Graduate Program
  • Teach undergraduate and graduate course in arthropod systematics and biodiversity
  • Provide one or more courses in areas of expertise
  • Advise graduate students
  • Inform citizens and state visitors of the public benefits of biological diversity, and provide reasons it deserves protection
  • Advise policy makers and land managers in making informed decisions about appropriate, sustainable uses of the state’s biodiversity resources

Funding Status

To date, approximately $1.3 million has been donated and pledged by Dr. and Mrs. John C. Morse and the W.C. English Foundation, with additional contributions from anonymous donors. Our goal is to raise at least $2 million and to apply for matching support from the South Carolina Centers of Economic Excellence Program, thereby doubling the principal of the endowment.


  • An established, internationally prominent leader in biodiversity
  • A Ph.D. in entomology
  • Experienced in morphological, molecular, and ecological characterization of arthropod diversity and phylogenetic relationships

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John C. & Suzanne E. Morse
From the private collection of John C. Morse