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As researchers and experts in the field of culinary nutrition, Clemson University has partnered with the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and the Chef and Child Foundation to promote awareness among chefs nationwide of this ground-breaking new field that meshes culinary innovation with nutrition and food science principles. It is this science translation that Clemson University provides in building the tools and resources chefs need to practice the art of culinary nutrition. Through a knowledge base built over years of research, outreach, and ongoing communication with chefs, Clemson University, and more specifically the CU CHEFS® (Clemson University’s Cooking and Healthy Eating Food Specialists), have pinpointed topics of interest that chefs need in order to offer healthier foods. CU CHEFS® is dedicated to providing up-to-date research and nutrition-related information and resources for chefs with the ultimate goal of improving the eating behaviors of the nation. For starters, CU CHEFS® offers monthly culinary nutrition-focused articles developed in response to a survey of ACF chefs.

Developed in response to a survey of American Culinary Federation (ACF) chefs, CU CHEFS® offer a series of monthly culinary nutrition-focused articles and resources that provide foodservice and culinary professionals with the information needed to offer healthier foods.

Healthy Ingredient of the Month

The Ingredient of the Month features a healthy, nutritious ingredient each month for chefs to incorporate into their menus. Each article provides an in-depth profile of an ingredient, including an overview, healthy/nutritious properties, varieties and uses, as well as a recipe created and tested by the Culinary Nutrition Undergraduate Student Research Group





Animal Proteins

Plant Proteins

Herbs and Spices

Culinary Nutrition Articles

"Cold-Case: Revealing Immune-Boosting Foods"
December 2012

"Going Greek"
November 2012

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