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CU CHEFS® (Clemson University Healthy Eating and Food Specialists) programs provide its participants with quick and easy recipes that appeal to the entire family, even younger children. This unique, hands-on program allows participants to work in the kitchen with a chef, who will teach participants tricks of the trade as they help the chef prepare a quick, healthy meal. A qualified nutrition educator will also be present to provide helpful input and answer any health-related questions. If you want to learn how to prepare quick and healthy meals that will please the whole family, then "Cooking With the CHEFS" is the program for you!

What is Culinary Nutrition?

Culinary nutrition is the application of nutrition principles combined with food science knowledge displayed through a mastery of culinary skills. The results are healthy eating behaviors grounded in culinary confidence and nutrition alertness.

A Scientific Approach

Family meals have undergone dramatic changes in the last two decades that have affected the quality of children's diets. Maternal employment, changes in family structure, and increased time pressure are factors affecting children's food choices (Escobar, 1999). Caregivers want to provide healthful food for their families, but many have not learned survival skills in the kitchen. They often come up short on meals that meet the dietary recommendations for fruit and vegetables, grains, and diary products (Position Paper of the American Dietetic Association, 2004).

Primary Goal

Promote healthy eating behaviors by teaching:

  • Basic nutrition

  • Food safety

  • Food selection

  • Menu planning

  • Food-prep skills