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Cook like a Chef is week-long day camp for ages 10 through 14 as an introduction to healthy cooking and eating behaviors. The program is set on the college campus of Pennsylvania State University with nutrition evaluation support from Clemson University. With dietetic students, a nutrition educators and professional chefs as their guides, boys and girls explore the world of cultural diversity though food, discover the wide variety of fruits and vegetables, demonstrate basic cooking techniques, learn about seasoning and spices, and participate in games and activities that promote a physically active lifestyle. Through cooking, tasting, and savoring foods, children can begin to map out a healthy path for their lifetime.


Cooking with a Chef (CWC) is a hands-on, nutrition education program that provides an intense learning experience to help boost the nutrition knowledge as wells as cooking confidence of participants. The program is divided into five delicious and nutritious sessions entitled “Make Menu Planning Easy,” “Color the Plate with Fruits and Vegetables,” “Fruits and Vegetables for a Family for a Week,” “Flavor and Nutrition on the Menu,” and “Get Savvy in the Market.” Through the exquisite pairing of a chef with a nutrition educator, topics such as knife skills, basic cooking methods, ways to incorporate more whole grains, flavor combinations that help lower sodium intake, and how to use balance and variety when creating menus are brought to life in an enjoyable, easy to comprehend manner. However, this program is not all talk; participants get to assist in preparation of recipes like Fresh Fruit Crunch, Baked Meatballs, Tropical Coleslaw and Navy Bean Chowder. 


The FAN (Faith, Activity, Nutrition) program is a partnership between the Palmetto Conference of African Methodist Episcopal (AME) churches, University of South Carolina, Medical University of South Carolina, and Clemson University. This multifaceted intervention is aimed at improving the overall health of South Carolinians attending AME churches. The two main areas of focus are physical activity and healthy eating. CU CHEFS® designed an interactive, hands-on culinary nutrition intervention for this particular population, centering on their nutrition needs and food preferences. The intervention is delivered to the AME cooks in one, eight-hour day training session and presented by a professional chef and nutrition educator. The main objective of the training is to impact the eating and cooking habits of cooks by encouraging vegetable and fruit consumption, lowering sodium usage, decreasing fats, and increasing whole grains. By working alongside professionals, the cooks are provided the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare healthy, tasteful foods that nourish and satisfy the needs of their congregations as well as themselves.