Related Classes

HORT 101 Horticulture 3(3,0) Environmental factors and horticultural practices affecting optimum production of floral, fruit, ornamental, and vegetable crops. Includes a survey of the various areas of horticulture and their importance to society.

HORT 308 Sustainable Landscape Garden Design 3(3,0) Landscape planning of gardens using environmentally sensitive design, construction, and maintenance practices. Survey skills to obtain user perception and preference and environmental measurement skills are introduced. Offered fall semester only. Preq: HORT 101, 303, or consent of instructor.

HORT 309 Sustainable Landscape Garden Design Laboratory 1(0,3) Landscape garden design using sustainable environmentally sensitive concepts and practices. Techniques of sustainable landscape garden design including hand drawing, site assessment, client interview, user perception survey, plant selection, and professional presentation. Plant selection encourages establishing healthy ecosystems. Emphasis on interactions between design, installation, and maintenance phases. Preq or Coreq: HORT 308.

HORT 408 Horticulture Discovery and Inquiry 1-3(1-3,0) Students learn about horticulture through research, service learning, and/or creative inquiry projects. They explore a topic of interest with faculty, organize a quality proposal, complete the project, and report results to appropriate professional audiences. May be repeated for a maximum of nine credits. Preq: Junior standing or consent of instructor.

HORT 461, H461, 661 Advanced Landscape Garden Design 4(3,3) Garden design for urban or other highly visible locations. A specific specialty garden with environmental education potential will be designed. Finished plans include detailed planting, installation and maintenance, and communication. Emphasis is on establishing healthy plant communities, habitat linkages, and healthy water and soil. Preq: HORT 308 and 309, or consent of instructor.

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