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Faculty & Staff Directory

* = graduate faculty advisors

Interim Department Chair: Dr. Charles Privette - 864-656-6247-

Administrative Assistant:  Deanna Burns - 864-656-3250 -


Apperson, Pat: Lecturer, Agribusiness

Bolotova, Yuliya*: Agribusiness Economics

Byrd, Preston*: Agricultural Education

Chastain, John P.*: Agricultural Waste Management

DiBenedetto, Catherine*: Agricultural Education

Fravel, Philip M.*: Advisor to CCFFA

Han, Young J.*: Instrumentation and Control, Precision Agriculture

Hitchcock, Dan*: Ecological Design, Ecological Engineering, Water Resources

Kantrovich, Adam*: Extension Associate Professor

Khalilian, Ahmad*: Precision Agriculture

Koc, Bulent*: Machine Systems

Lamie, Ronald D.*: Community Economics

Layfield, Dale*: Agricultural Education

Massey, Hunter: Agricultural Mechanization

Mickey, Scott: Agri-Business

Privette, Charles*: Agricultural Mechanization, Surveying

Sawyer, Cal*: Water Quality & Storm Water

Smith, Nathaniel: Extension Professor-Agribusiness, Sandhill Research & Education Center

Vassalos, Michael*: Farm and agribusiness management, production economics

Willis, David*: Production (agricultural) and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Zhang, Lisha*: Agribusiness-Finance


Burns, Deanna: Administrative Assistant

Green, Brenda: Accountant/Fiscal Analyst II

Hooper, Jennifer: Administrative Assistant/Human Resources

Leard, Christi M.: Student Services Manager

Swafford, Charlotte P.: Accountant

Adjunct Faculty

Buffington, Dennis

Carpio, Carlos

Isengildina, Olga

Jayakaran, Anand*: Coastal Hydrology & Fluvial Geomorphology

Kirk, Kendall R.*: Fabrication, Power & Machinery

Jason Johns

Maja, Joe M.: Instrumentation & Control and Precision Agriculture

Jeremy Pike: Associate Scientist

Emeritus Faculty

Hammig, Mike, Ag Economics

Harris, Harold, Ag Economics

Hayes, John 

Smathers, Webb, Agriculture and Wildlife Economics