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Faculty & Staff: A-Z





Patrick Anderson Extension Associate 803-556-0899
George Apperson Lecturer, Agribusiness 864-656-5764
Yuliya Bolotova Assistant Professor of Agribusiness 864-656-4079
Deanna Burns Administrative Assistant 864-656-3250
Alex Preston Byrd Assistant Professor in Agricultural Education 864-656-5675
John Chastain Professor and Extension Agricultural Engineer 864-656-4089
Catherine DiBenedetto, Ph. D. Assistant Professor 864-656-0296
Young Han Professor 864-656-4077
Dan Hitchcock, Ph.D., P.E. Associate Professor 843-546-1013
Jennifer Hooper Administrative Assistant/HR 864-656-0626
Adam Kantrovich Extension Associate Professor of Agribusiness 803-788-5700
Ahmad Khalilian Professor 803-284-3343
Kendall Kirk Precision Agriculture Engineer 864-844-3423
Bulent Koc, PhD Agricultural Mechanization and Business 864-656-0496
R. David Lamie Associate Professor of Agribusiness and Rural Development 803-788-5700
Dale Layfield Associate Professor of Agricultural Education 864-656-5676
Christi Leard Student Service Manager 864-656-4082
Joe Mari Maja Research Sensor Engineer 803-284-3343
Hunter Massey Lecturer 864-656-4056
Jeremy Pike Associate Scientist 864-656-6306
Charles Privette, III Associate Professor 864-656-6247
Calvin Sawyer Associate Professor 864-656-4072
Nathan Smith Extension Professor of Agribusiness Production 803-788-5700
Charlotte Swafford Acct / Fiscal Analyst II 864-656-3300
Michael Vassalos Assistant Professor of Agribusiness 864-656-2439
Lisha Zhang Assistant Professor of Agribusiness 864-656-5785

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