Meet our AVS Ambassadors!!

These Animal and Veterinary Sciences students represent our department as AVS Ambassadors. They serve as representatives of the department to prospective students, at on and off campus events, give department tours, and work on special projects.  As Ambassadors, we are always more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have as a prospective student! If you have any questions that you would like for us to answer, whether it is about AVS classes, labs, Clemson Life, or College life in general, please don't hesitate to ask! Our email address is; we check this email daily and anxiously await your questions! We hope to hear from you soon!

Amanda Kiselak Senior with a concentration in Pre-vet and a Microbiology minor

Jayne Major

Senior with a concentration in Pre-vet

Future Plans:  Attend medical school, practice, and eventually become an educator.

Interests:  Riding and competing with my horses, Tampa Bay Rays & all other sports, outdoor activities, and all things Clemson

Why did you choose Clemson’s AVS Program?  As a senior in high school and after being accepted to Clemson, my mom and I visited the department then toured campus. Dr. Birrenkott and Mrs. Roxanne sat with us for over two hours and thoroughly answered all of our questions, which was much, much more than any other school that I was considering did to introduce me to their respective programs. By the end of my visit that day, I had a feeling that there was something special about this place- the campus, students, and overall atmosphere were congenial and welcoming, and my decision was made! After almost four years, I still maintain that there couldn't have been a more perfect university and program for me.

Will Basinger Senior with concentration in Pre-Vet

Jack Teasdall

Senior with concentration in Pre-Vet

Future Plans:  Get into medical school

hunting, fishing, water sports, exercising, Clemson sports

Why did you choose Clemson University?  I like the hands on experience that the Clemson farms have to offer. I think it is awesome that we get to go out to the different farms to get hands on experience while learning about the different techniques and processes of caring for the animals.

Kirsten Wayne

Kirsten Wayne

Senior with Pre-Vet Concentration and Minor in Music

Future Plans:  Attend veterinary school to earn a DVM; I have an interest in a diverse array of species and desire to one day contribute to a greater level of animal health. 

Interests: In addition to my involvement with the AVS ambassadors, I also serve as the Clemson University Poultry Science club president and the Pre-vet club treasurer.  Throughout my years at Clemson I have also been involved with many other clubs and organizations ranging from the Clemson University Dairy Science club to the Collegiate FFA chapter.

Why did you choose Clemson’s AVS Program? 

Lena Freeman Senior with concentration in Animal Agribusiness

Emily Goodwin

Senior with concentration in Equine Business

Future Plans: To work in the Equine Industry 

Interests: Showing horses, 4-H, wakeboarding, snowboarding and running

Why did you choose Clemson’s AVS Program?

christen robinson

Christen Robinson

Senior with a concentration in Pre-vet 

Future Plans: My future goals would be getting into a Veterinary School and begin my life long dream of becoming a Veterinarian. I currently have an internship for the summer at the National Institute of Health where I will be working with a Vet in the top research facility in the country for animals. I could not be more excited for what is in store for me for the future and I can not wait to see how it all unfolds. 

Interests: My interests are running, listening to music and reading the Hunger Games Series. I also enjoy watching 80's movies and having fun with friends! 

Why did you choose Clemson’s AVS Program?  When I was a senior in High school, making a decision on college was very difficult because I was torn between Clemson and another University. However, when I came here for Destination Clemson I knew that I would be apart of a family in the AVS department. The teachers and staff here are really committed to their students and each and every student is committed to helping one another. It has been a wonderful experience being a student in Clemson's AVS program, and would not trade it for the world! 


Claire Stuyck

Completed an Animal and Veterinary Science (Pre-Vet emphasis) BS and an Environmental and Natural Resources (Conservation Biology emphasis) BS, with a minor in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology in May 2012. Currently at Clemson University as part of the BS to MS program and working towards a MS degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology studying the optimization of livestock production through bird conservation.

Future Plans: My goals are to pioneer the growing field of "agri-ecology", bridging the gap between wildlife conservation and animal agriculture with education and research.

Interests: ornithology, agriculture, reading, cooking, hiking, mountain biking, research and education.

Why did you choose Clemson’s AVS Program?    When looking for schools, I knew that I wanted to participate in a program that had many hands on opportunities inside the classroom and out. I ultimately Clemson's AVS program because of the wide variety of hands-on experience with livestock available that no other school could compare to. I knew that the experience I gained through Clemson could not only make an application to vet-school stronger, but also open doors to jobs, experiences, internships, and graduate studies. Not only was I drawn to Clemson's AVS program because of the high quality experience available to participate in, I was impressed with the welcoming atmosphere of faculty, staff, and students within the AVS program that I met while visiting. There was no way I could go anywhere else!  

Kirsten Wayne Junior with concentration in Pre-Vet.

Lauren Emery

Junior with concentration in Pre-Vet

Future Plans: My future plans are to complete my AVS degree at Clemson, attend veterinary school, and complete an internship and residency in Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery before joining a practice.

Interests: While in the AVS program I have been a member of the Dairy Science Club and currently serve as Pre-Vet Club Historian, CAFLS Peer Mentor, and AVS Ambassador. I am also the Campus Coordinator for VIDA (Volunteers for Intercultural and Definitive Adventures) Volunteer Travel. The organization takes medical, dental, and veterinary volunteers to Central America to give basic medical attention to needy communities.

Why I chose Clemson’s AVS: I chose Clemson's AVS program because of the unique opportunities that it offers the students with the hands-on farm labs. The faculty in the AVS department is always willing and available to help with any of your needs. Also, the preparation I received for my application to veterinary school was an added bonus that I discovered after being in the program.

Jayne Major Junior with concentration in Pre-Vet.

Jackie Thaeder

Junior with Pre-Vet Concentration

Future Plans:  Once I graduate Clemson, I hope to attend vet school and become a vet in emergency medicine.

Interests:  I love to run on the different trails on Clemson’s campuses and do all of the fitness classes!  I just love to anything that’s outdoors or active.  Obviously I love working with animals and go to local animal shelters whenever I get that chance.

Why did you choose Clemson’s AVS: After looking into many colleges  with pre-veterinary programs, which all seemed dedicated to their students, nothing could compare to Clemson.  On my visit, the staff was so welcoming and the hands-on experience I would be obtaining was amazing!  As soon as I finished my day of touring, my decision on Clemson was definitively made.