Meet our AVS Ambassadors!!

These Animal and Veterinary Sciences students represent our department as AVS Ambassadors. They serve as representatives of the department to prospective students, at on and off campus events, give department tours, and work on special projects.  As Ambassadors, we are always more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have as a prospective student! If you have any questions that you would like for us to answer, whether it is about AVS classes, labs, Clemson Life, or College life in general, please don't hesitate to ask! Our email address is; we check this email daily and anxiously await your questions! We hope to hear from you soon!

Emily Cook

Senior with a concentration in Pre-vet

Future Plans:  I hope to attend vet school and also pursue a Master of Public Health so that I can someday have a career that incorporates both animal and human health.    

Interests:  Like all AVS students, I love my animals! I have four dogs at home, but since I started at Clemson, I’ve developed a love for large animals, too, especially beef cattle. I’m also pursuing a minor in Spanish. I love to travel, and in my free time, I enjoy hiking, camping, baking, and playing soccer.

Why did you choose Clemson’s AVS Program?  

I chose Clemson’s AVS program because of the sincere dedication of the faculty and staff of the department to the students, as well as the numerous unique and hands-on experiences that Clemson offers. From showing a sheep at a livestock exhibition to participating in beef cattle nutrition research, Clemson has allowed me to be actively involved in many interesting aspects of animal science. With all of the incredible leadership positions, research projects, and community service opportunities that the department offers, with an atmosphere that feels like one big family, I sincerely believe that nothing can top Clemson’s AVS Department! After visiting the school once and having a great talk with some of the faculty and staff, I knew I belonged at Clemson.

Jennifer Lantzer

Senior with concentration in Pre-Vet

Future Plans: After Clemson, I plan to attend veterinary school and receive my DVM. In the future, after practicing under a mentor, I hope to have my own mixed animal practice.

Interests:  My interests include horseback riding, sheep, football (go Tigers!), baking, Pre-Vet club, tennis, and all things new and exciting!

Why did you choose Clemson University?  

I visited Clemson University because of their incredible and well-known Animal Science program, but I chose Clemson because of the beautiful campus and the happy people. I felt at home at Clemson the second I visited, and I was left in awe of how friendly faculty, staff, students, and locals were. I felt like an individual and asked an array of questions, each of which were answered thoroughly. To this day, I am in love with my school and the Clemson AVS family!

Courtney Schintzius

Junior with Pre-Vet Concentration 

Future Plans:  I am hoping to get into vet school to continue on to work in the field of equine sports medicine. 

Interests:  Horseback riding, fishing, traveling, hiking, the beach, hanging out with friends, being outdoors, yoga, cooking, and Netflix 

Why did you choose Clemson’s AVS Program? 

I don't have a defining moment when I knew I was set on Clemson, but I do know that if I had the chance, I would make the same decision a thousand times over. I wanted to leave Florida and everything I knew to try something completely different for college. For me, why I chose Clemson was kind of obvious: the changing seasons, the football, the southern culture, the riding team, and my major. But the reasons I chose to come to Clemson don't  matter as much as why I chose to stay at Clemson. The people here, especially in the AVS department, are truly amazing and want to see you succeed more than anything. My appreciation for this school and its incredible values continues to grow each day I am here. 

Madeline Zurowsky

Senior with a concentration in Pre-vet 

Future Plans:  My future plans are to attend vet school after graduation with a small animal focus and hopefully run a clinic one day. I would also like to teach one day, whether that's at a University or a vet school. Education is very important to me so I hope to give back to future students with teaching one day.

Interests:  I really enjoy reading, crafting, social media, cheering on Clemson, playing with any animal that will let me pet it, watching Nat Geo specials, singing a long with musicals, anything Disney, Corgis, and pinteresting out my future. 

Why did you choose Clemson’s AVS Program?  

Why Not. I wanted to attend a big university that felt small. The first time I stepped on to campus I fell in love with the beautiful lakes and green campus. Then I learned about their agricultural programs and how hands on their AVS Department is. I've never met such a passionate student body as Clemson students and I am proud to be one.