Back to Reality!

Profitable Approaches for Managing Forage-Based Operations in the 21st Century

February 12-13th, 2009

Clemson University is excited to host this conference focusing on forage-based meat and milkproduction. Rapidly rising input costs are squeezing conventional, commodity-oriented margins; however, there are still opportunities for profitable production. Conference speakers are experienced, farm-oriented producers and researchers.

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  • Total registration is $500 which will include detailed handouts and multiple breaks and meals. 
  • Hold your space at this conference with a $100 deposit by December 13, 2008. 
  • Space is limited. perennial peanut
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 Speakers include:

  • Dr. Annibal Pordomingo manages an active forage-fed beef research program in Argentina. Dr. Pordomingo is also a forage-fed beef producer and does an excellent job delivering practical rchicoryeal-world options to other producers.

  • Mr. Bill Hodge is a grazier located near Atlanta, GA, who has over 30 years experience in all aspects of forage-based beef production and marketing. He currently markets locally produced forage-fed beef under his own label in the Atlanta metro area.

  • Dr. Richard Watson is native New Zealander and former Forage Specialist for Mississippi State University. After returning to New Zealand to work for AgResearch on grazing systems, Richard opted to start-up multiple irrigated grazing dairies in the Coastal Plain of Georgia.pearl millet

  • Mr. Kit Pharo is a well-known Colorado cattle rancher who has shunned the “bigger is better” approach to beef cattle production, instead focusing on cow efficiency and profitability for the past 25 years.  He will deliver a program outlining his management ideas and philosophy and will almost certainly challenge the status quo.

  • Dr. Susan Duckett of Clemson University has been involved with researching management factors that effect marbling and fatty acid composition of beef (including CLA, vaccenic acid and omega 3 meatconcentrations) for over 15 years. 

  • Mr. Steve Ellis is associated with a farmer cooperative (Upstate Farmers Alliance) who recently purchased and operate an abbatoir for processing poultry, sheep, goats, swine and beef cattle. This operation was founded because of an existing bottleneck for slaughter of forage-fed animals.

  • Dr. John Andrae is a forage specialist at Clemson University. He has extensive experience with forage production and grazing systems in the deep South and has managed grazing projects utilizing alternative species for forage-fed beef production.