John Andrae

Associate Professor

Office: 864-656-3504

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Entomology, Soils, and Plant Sciences

Ph.D., University of Idaho
M.S., Oklahoma State University
B.S., Texas A&M University

Research interest:
Extension programming focuses on improving grazing management, alleviating tall fescue toxicosis, incorporating legumes in pastures, and improving hay production and quality. Current research projects are examining fall herbicide protocols for replacing toxic tall fescue stands with nontoxic tall fescue, creep grazing chicory in bermudagrass systems, and forage utilization and animal performance from stockpiled bermudagrass in the Southeastern U.S. Future research projects will examine the effects of forage species on the production and palatability of grass-fed beef and examine the management effects of Roundup-Ready alfalfa on stand persistence and productivity.