Glenn Birrenkott


Office: 864-656-4019
Home: 864-882-2829

Animal & Veterinary Sciences

PhD UW-Madison; Reproductive Physiology- Endocrinology - 1978
MS UW-Madison; Poultry Science - 1975
BS UW-Madison; Poultry Sciences - 1973

My primary responsibilities relate to undergraduate teaching and advising. It begins with meetings of potential students, often while still in high school, and their parents. I help with all summer orientation sessions for AVS freshmen and their parents. I also advise all transfer students coming into the AVS department, whether from within or outside of Clemson University. I currently teach a two semester, fall / spring, sequence of courses on Animal Anatomy & Physiology and Animal Reprodction. I also teach various segments of the graduate physiology courses and assist with the AVS freshman orientation course and guest lectures in other AVS courses and labs. I have mentored many graduate and undergraduate with research projects and supervised undergraduate internships.

Research interest:
My primary research interests are in the area of avian physiology and reproductive physiology. Specific interests include: avian sperm storage in the hen's oviduct, ovarian follicular development, avian ovarian adenocarcinoma as a model for human medical problems, avian thrombocyte (platelet-equivalent) function and DNA sexing of non-sexually dimorphic avian species (Bald eagles, Black vultures, etc.).

AVS 301, Animal Anatomy & Physiology
AVS 453, Animal Reprodcution
AVS 800-level graduate physiology
AVS 100-level freshman orientation courses


1)Please visit my website ( ) and read my "Ruminations" and chapters of an avian physiology text based on my undergraduate / graduate teaching of this subject. 2) I am currently the faculty advisor to the Pre-vet Club.