Scott L. Pratt

Associate Professor
Graduate Program Coordinator

Office: 864-656-3135

Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Ph.D. University of Missouri, Animal Science - 1994
M.S. Clemson University, Animal Science - 1989
B.S. West Virginia University, Animal and Veterinary Sciences - 1985
A.A. Potomac State College, Pre Vet - 1983

Research interest:
The effect altered gene expression has on animal reproduction and assisted reproduction technologies including oocyte maturation, embryonic development, and recognition of pregnancy. The regulation of gene expression and the effect that specific gene regulation has on tissue differentiation and development including reproductive and somatic tissues.

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Professional society activity:
Society for the Study of Reproduction
Editorial Board for the Journal of Animal Science

AVS 820 Animal and Veterinary Sciences Graduate Seminar
AVS 455 Animal Reproductive Management