Roxanne Bernard

Student Services Manager I

Office: 864-656-6464

Animal and Veterinary Sciences

B.S. Medical University of South Carolina
Board Certified and Licensed- American Sociey of Clinical Pathology, Cytotechnology

Freshmen Academic Advisor
Co-Director, WAVS Living/Learning Community

Bernard, R.S., M.E. Richardson and J.R. Diehl. 2000. The Effect of Husbandry Schedules on the Number of Embryos Produced by Superovulated Mice. Contemporary Topics in Laboratory Animal Science, 39(4), 13-15.

Graves, J.E., M. E. Richardson, and R. S. Bernard. 2002. The Effect of Atrazine on In Vitro Maturation and In Vitro Fertilization of Bovine Oocytes. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, B37(2) 1-10.

Boone, W. R., M.A. Prednergast, J.E. Johnson, M. E. Richardson, and R.S. Bernard. 1997. The Effect of Organophosphate on Spermatozoal Concentration and Kinematics in the Rat. Abstract, American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Boone, W.R., J.F. Dickey, M.E. Richardson, R.S. Bernard and J.E. Johnson. Instructing the Animal Physiology Graduate Student in Human Assisted Reproductive Technology. 1995. J. Anim. Sci. 73:2503-2506.

Senn, B.J., M.E. Richardson and R.S. Bernard. Effects of Nu-Serum on In Vitro Development of Goat (Capra hircus) embryos. 1992. Small Ruminant Research. 10:331-340

Professional society activity:
CAFLS Outstanding Employee Award, 2000

Honors and awards:
AVS 100

AVS L 301
AVS L 453