Greenhouse Facilities

GreenhouseThe Clemson University Greenhouse Complex is a support facility for basic and applied plant research housed in the Biosystems Research Complex.

The facility contains over 40,000 square feet of greenhouse space and a 16,000 square-foot headhouse. The greenhouse facility is comprised of two ranges of greenhouses each aligned along a central corridor. Together the ranges contain 24 greenhouse 4 bench zones measuring 36’ x 35', 8 greenhouse single bench zones measuring 12' x 35’, and 4 covered growing areas.

The headhouse contains all of the support facilities for the greenhouse including a preparation area, demonstrGreenhouse Plantsation room, temperature-controlled storage rooms, general laboratory, level 3 containment laboratory, seven growth rooms, reach-in growth chambers, shop, pesticide and fertilizer storage and mixing areas, autoclaves, and emergency utility equipment.




This information taken from the Clemson University Experiment Station page at: